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Wake-up the vibrant youths of Nigeria

2015-03-28 12:03
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My dear vibrant youths of Nigeria,                                     

This coming election have been sounding so loud and critical, on the issue surrounding the nation Nigeria. But as vibrant youths of Nigeria, have we on one way or another sat down to think about the way forward or to pray for God’s directions? I don’t think so, because our daily bread and our family are too important to us than to pray for the nation. God Almighty had said in his word; “ask and it shall be given to you” Matt 7: 7 and how many youth of this nation have asked God to reveal to them the best presidential candidate of this nation.

As a Nigerian, we have not yet learn any lesson from our past leaders. We as Nigerian have not yet embrace truth and sincerity of heart and purpose. But we keep on jumping and shouting after those who are liars, deceitful, greedy and self centre. Then if we continue in this way, how can Nigerian become a better place of living? Why should we keep on trusting those who are so deceitful? Those who think that without them no other person can do anything good, even when they are so old and almost worn out of fitness, thoughts and ideas but yet still believe they’re the best. Nigerians do not care for future but they are after what they will eat now, now. The President has lay down some good foundations, why can’t we be patience and give him a chance to his long-term projects and see what will become of Nigeria?

Why on earth wouldn’t a man of over 70 years, who had headed high position right from 33 years of age not ready to give chance. And be father to those vibrant and intellectual youths of 40 years to even 60years. Who are ready to sacrifice their life for the progress and development of the country with their sincere heart? Nigerian the reasons to this question will soon be revealed, so read on.

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If our “president to be” believed that he had more ideas, more capacity and sincerely had the developmental strive of Nigeria at heart. Why has he not in any way given some advice to the sitting president? At least when he failed to win last election and promise that he will never contest any election again. If the retired general had advice the president and give him some developmental strategies and goals of the country, either before or after he had receive an award from the president. And the president did not accept to make use of his ideas and advice. I would have been the first to vote against the president and support the retired general and I believe the general would have gotten 100% vote from Nigerian youths. Nigerian youths wouldn’t have mind the promise he made not to contest any more election.

But for what we have seen and heard from the past ruling of the retired general, even the poor and the illiterate masses knows that the general intention is to revenge those that opposed him. The educated, intelligent and ideas drive youth should know that, what is going on in the presidential race today is do or die affair for the opposition. Note this everyone, I am APC card carrier, I’m not PDP, I did not want to join any party before, but because of the transformation of APC in Edo State I decided to be registered as a member of APC. And what you are reading through is not to support the president but to tell Nigerians what is going to happen if the retired General is voted into power. I have some revelation concerning these issues and I have tried to be quiet but you can see how late this revelation shows up, is for us to be careful and wise. We should not allow any government that will bring down the progress and development of the country to leads us as president. Or a government that want to start his tenure with past issues instead of planning ahead for the progress and future development.

We should not vote for those who want to satisfy their self and their desire. We should note that whatsoever that make a man to shed tears and make a vow, promise or covenant, when he is given that chance to do that which he shed tears for. He will do everything to satisfy himself not minding the masses needs and what they are facing. Whosoever that contributed to making him shed tears will surely pay dearly for it. Take example of a man that sent his son message and he refuse up to three times, if he finally go for the message at the fourth time. The father will never appreciate the son; he will never care for the son, the way the son should be cared for if the son had gone to that message the first time. Buhari shed tears because he did not win past three elections, if he wins this election. Nigeria will become his property and everyone on Nigeria soil will pay dearly for his tears he shed last time….. (That’s the reason Bola Tinubu fears for Buhari’s presidency).

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APC – national chairman said that Buhari will not probe the past corrupt leaders, mind you that is just politic to get votes. Buhari had promised Nigerians that he is going to fight corruption in time past. He is still talking about fighting corruption, how will Buhari fight corruption if not to devote two to three years to fight all the past leaders and leave Nigerian in darkness? Note that Buhari has no heart of forgiveness that is why he dealt with journalist when he became the head of states even after many years, many would have forgotten about what journalist wrote against the missing money on his supervision as Commissioner of Petroleum Resources. Also know that he also dealt with some traditional rulers, whom he supposes to honour and respects. Buhari back dated a law and killed those young youths found with drugs, even when it was not a crime to trade on drugs at that time. As short as the time Buhari was in the office as the head of state, he arrested, jailed and killed so many leaders, young men and even a woman with kid. How much corruption or how many people did Ambrose Alli killed that warrant him to be jailed for 66years &was killed by Gen. Buhari (retired)?

In my present observation, if Gen. Buhari (retired) is voted into presidency, the only person that is likely to be pardon will be Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo (retired) for just two reasons; (1) Gen. Obasanjo was his boss and (2) Gen. Obasanjo has help him to destroy the image and the good intention President Goodluck Jonathan had for this nation and make the masses to dislike the presidency. So therefore if Buhari become the president of this country, Obasanjo would be like a lord to Buhari. I rest my case…….

Note: We know that President Goodluck Jonathan, have been weak and reluctant to carry out his duties, but I want you to know that he have learnt from all his mistake and God has assured me of his success in the future if voted into power. Know this that I have not benefited in any way from the president or PDP, I am APC. Also know that God want to bring up the best Candidate after Goodluck for Nigeria, but that would not happen if Buhari take over now.

Thank you all for your attention and God bless you all

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