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Wake-Up Nigerians; once a General he is always a General

2015-03-28 13:12
A picture shows presidential campaign posters of Nigerian President and candidate to his re-election for the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) Goodluck Jonathan and leading opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Mohamma ~ PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

Wake-up Nigerians and see the reality of life here in this country. How many of us in this country really want the progress and development of this country? How many of us have contributed to the development and progress of this country? How many of us have kneed down at every given time we pray for ourselves, to also pray for our President, to leads us well?

In Nigerian Military Force, it is widely accepted that once a man is a General, he is always a General. On that ground, when a General is retired. At least he must be assigned with two military securities officers who will be guarding and securing him and his households 24/7 on yearly basic until he is dead.

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As a General also when he is retired, he has more respect, power and authority even more than a richest civilian man in that country. Because of the above three characteristic attributed to the retired General, if he is given opportunity to head any position, he will still be bold, powerful and authoritative more than a civilian man. He will be bold and powerful to do whatsoever that comes into his mind without thinking of the future consequences.

On the above issue, I have three good examples from the rule of General Olusegun Obasanjo (retired). These are: (1). When this General was a Military Head of State, he was first to increase price of Petroleum Products. So automatically when he became a Civilian President, he increased the price of Petroleum Products six times (6x). And he also said that petroleum products were not made for the poor and that even though fuel price was increased to N200 that Nigerians will still buy.  

The History Of Fuel Price Increase In Nigeria by icebeatz: 2:25am On Dec 23, 2012

1 1978 Gen Olusegun Obansanjo. 15.37k -
2 1982 Alh. Shehu Shagari 20k -
3 1990 Gen Ibrahim Babangida 60K 300%
4 1992 Gen Ibrahim Babangida 70K 17%
5 1992 Gen Ibrahim Babangida N3.25K 364%
6 1993 Gen Ibrahim Babangida N5.00 54%
7 1994 Chief Ernest Shonekan N11.00 120%
8 1994/98 Gen. Sani Abacha N11.00 -
9 2000 Olusegun Obasanjo(civilian) N20.00 82%
10 2000 Olusegun Obasanjo N22.00 10%
11 2001 Olusegun Obasanjo N26.00 18%
12 2003 Olusegun Obasanjo N40.00 54%
13 2004 Olusegun Obasanjo N45.00 13%
14 2007 Olusegun Obasanjo N70.00 56%
15 2007 Alh Umaru S. YarAdua N65 0.07%
16 2012 Dr. Goodluck Jonathan N141.00 117%

(2) When the retired General was then Head of States, he uses his military power and authority to bring down whosoever that disobey his order, even though his order were for wrong purpose, such they will say obey the last order. When this General was elected a civilian president, we saw how he leveled down some crisis communities in Nigeria without negotiation or dialogue for the sake of the innocent citizenry.

(3) During the military era of then Head of States anyone who found fault on his rulership would be dealt with, without mercy. As he became elected President, he also dealt with lots of statesmen who try to oppose him of corrupt practice and hardship on the masses. A good example was that of then Labour president which leads to tearing the leadership of the union into three. By this the overall union president could not have power and authority to enforce strike action as before when he was overall head of the labour union. Also up till now, we have not heard about the outcome of the death of Bola Igie and some other statesmen Nigerians don’t care to find out why they just disappeared.

Therefore, if a retired military general known as Christian, (which Christianity teaches, love, kindness and forgiveness) can do the above and cause hardship on Nigerians, who also said that petroleum products were not made for the poor and the poor could not even see kerosene to use. How much more a man who accepted sharia law with all his heart (which sharia law permits killing and punishments’ of all kind) do or acts to the masses. My question now is that, do Nigerians want or need progress and development or they want setback and failure?

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Nigerians have you all found out what the regime of General M. Buhari (retired) was best known of? Do Nigerians care to know why Gen. Buhari regime was cut so short? No way, none cares about leadership role in Nigeria as long as the retired General is voted for. Nigerians believe that anyone that will emerge as president is accepted by God, well God want you to know that he has done his own part and that you as a person, should do your own part because he cannot force anyone on us as a president. God Almighty has given us opportunity to make Nigeria develop and become great, but the trick of the devil is to make us not to see anything good in this our present leadership. God cannot come down to vote for a good person, but he has placed in us the quality to identify a good, a kind and gentle leader with developmental qualities. Leaders with a shepherd’s heart not a ruler with a lion’s heart.

We can see that since the president start his leadership role, we have not heard about unnecessary death, attack or jailed terms for the top people in the government or for those that criticize the presidency. Even the president vow that he will not shed blood and because of this, he gave opportunity to the insurgent for dialogue and to call for amnesty, but they refuses. The president disregard them, thinking that they will come back to accept dialogue but no way. Now if the president wipes out the insurgents God will not find him guilty of murdering those insurgents. The retired General Obasanjo is now out to say that the insurgent have their grievances, as a man with the spirit of God we should know that this is the tricked of the devil to continue to operate under insurgency and if they are given chance for dialogue, they will reinforce and strike again.

There are also three things only I want to highlight that make General M. Buhari not a man Nigerians want or need now. These are: (1) When General Buhari was the head of states, he did not allow anything like freedom of speech. This process made lots of Nigerians to fall into their trap when they introduced War Against Indiscipline. And today if you as individual accept to vote for the retired General and he won, even though the sitting President have sign to law freedom of speech, it will be very difficult for the retired General to carry it out. Do Nigerians think if it was retired General they criticize the way they criticize the sitting President those involved will be alive without hurts or jailed today?

(2) When he was head of states, he arrested and detained some top men in the government and house arrested the civilian president Shagari, who is now 90years of age. If Buhari is elected, he will use almost two years to deal with all the top men and political leaders, whoever contested against him in the country, none will be spared except General Obasanjo(retired), General Gowon(retired), General Abdusallam Abubakar (retired). Nigerians should know by now that General Buhari never had a heart of forgiveness.

(3) When Buhari was head of states, it was not a crime to use or trade on drugs with anyone. Instead of him to pardon the two Nigerians found with drugs, and make a law that none should be found with drugs, he back dated a law and killed those two Nigerians. Mind you, if the General is being elected as president since drugs is already crime and none is with drugs, the general will change pattern to enslave people by introducing law against strong drinks, liquors and spirits through sharia law. And anyone found drinking or trading with it will be arrested and jailed.

Do Nigerians really care to know the five reasons (5) why General Buhari (retired) want to come back even when he promise not to contest again. The reasons are: (1) He wants to reclaim back a company known as APC which he awarded contracts to when he was a minister of PTF- which the CEO, Buhari’s relative die after president Obasanjo seized the company. Have this in mind that he might claim back some private companies to be Federal Government Companies. (2) He want your votes as a president, so that he can deal with those journalists and newspaper companies that published that he shed tears at the last 2011 election and to those politicians that contributed to his failure in all the elections he has ever contested. (3) This is a time for him to perfect that which he has started before. To make sharia law binding in the constitution, which he thought it is the way forward to stop corruption. (4) To stop Amnesty funding in Niger Delta for the purpose made for. And mind you, he may decide to back date a law to kill those, who were involved in the militancy even when they are on amnesty role. (5) When Buhari was a military head of states, he sack 30, 000 Force men in the name of cutting short cost. If he is voted into power he will recruits new military officers and retired all Generals and sack all officers from 50years and above. As he is ready to tell Nigerians that those he relief from military force are not active enough to fight insurgency in the country.

Note: Be warned! As they always say, what a man knows how to do best; he will always do it at anytime or any day, even in his sleep or dreams.

- MyNews24
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