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Are you wrong about your sexual orientation?

23 April 2015, 18:29

Dorothy Black spoke to gender activist and psychosexual educator Delene van Dyk about love, sex and the evolution of our sexual orientation.

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I'm a self-absorbed zombie and so are you

23 April 2015, 12:55

Your precious phone is turning you into an idiot, reckons Lili Radloff.

Medical pot OK for adults, but not for kids - poll

23 April 2015, 19:25

While most people think it is fine for adults to use medical marijuana, some disapproved of its use for children, according to a survey.

How to love the body you have: part 1

20 April 2015, 16:06

When last did you look in the mirror and like what you see? Tracy Gold gives some practical ways of loving the body you have.

Night owls run higher risk of health problems

10 April 2015, 12:34

Night owls run a higher risk of health problems like diabetes and sarcopenia, even with the same amount of sleep as early risers, a study finds.

10 crucial things to include in your CV

10 April 2015, 11:20

Battling to write a stand-out curriculum vitae? Here are some tips that will help.

Lose weight without losing face

10 April 2015, 12:24

Lili Radloff shares the dos and don’ts that no one ever talks about.

How lemon juice and hot water can help you lose weight

08 April 2015, 16:20

Many people believe in the health benefits of a glass of hot water and lemon juice first thing in the morning.

Mom to the rescue with home remedies

08 April 2015, 15:09

Before rushing to the doctor, check your home for tested lotions and potions that can help your little one heal from these common ailments.

8 things only people with jobs will understand

08 April 2015, 13:23

Anja van der Spuy lets us in on what to expect from working people.

The seven gym-ly sins

08 April 2015, 07:44

It’s a miracle a gym etiquette handbook hasn't written itself yet.

Should older runners embrace the 'barefoot' craze?

26 March 2015, 20:56

People over 30 may need more time to safely adjust to 'minimalist' shoes after running in traditional trainers.

Kids exposed to secondhand smoke may have clogged arteries

26 March 2015, 11:12

Findings suggest that the health effects of passive smoking on children are not limited to respiratory or developmental health, but can have a long-term impact on cardiovascular health.

Exfoliate with care, dermatologist urges

27 March 2015, 10:23

Exfoliation removes the topmost layer of dead skin cells and can be done by applying acid that dissolves the cells (chemical) or by using a brush or scrub to physical remove the cells (mechanical).

When to keep kids home from school

25 March 2015, 11:15

A paediatrician offers advice on common childhood ailments, and when to keep your child home from school.

Brush up on your TB knowledge

24 March 2015, 18:40

Do you know all you need to know about Tuberculosis (TB)? How can you become infected? Are you already infected and just don't know it? How can you protect yourself?

Why a curvaceous booty drives men wild

24 March 2015, 12:13

According to research, women with the right curves are able to bear multiple children more easily and are therefore favoured by men.

Relax, it’s only your first wedding!

24 March 2015, 15:07

Jahni Cowley gives young couples some advice about how to prepare for life after the wedding.

Men who exercise more have better sexual function

24 March 2015, 11:04

Men who exercise more have better erectile and sexual function, a new study suggests.

The world’s 10 happiest jobs aren’t what you’d expect

23 March 2015, 14:17

If you are unhappy in your job, you're probably not in one of these professions.

Breastfeeding leads to higher IQ

23 March 2015, 13:17

A study indicates that prolonged breastfeeding leads to higher intelligence scores and higher earning potential in adulthood.

A sense of purpose may benefit your brain

23 March 2015, 12:16

Autopsies among adults in their 80s revealed that those who felt their lives had meaning had far fewer areas of dead tissue in their brains.

People associate obesity with bad odour

23 March 2015, 11:04

A new study suggests that some people are so repulsed by obesity that they actually imagine a bad smell.

Alcohol remains popular treatment for illnesses in Kenya

20 March 2015, 14:32

The belief in alcohol-based home remedies remains strong in Kenya, but medical authorities warn that they may do more harm than good.

Is natural breast enlargement or enhancement halaal?

19 March 2015, 14:41

Modest Muse advises a woman on whether or not it would be permissible to seek natural breast enhancement or enlargement after having children.

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