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Beautiful one in Biafra

12 November 2014, 11:15 Onyeji Dominic

Ayi Kwei Armah of Ghana is one of the renowned authors we have in Africa. He wrote a greet book, story or novel which beard epic title - THE BEAUTIFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN". It was written many years ago and I read it in library long time ago. If we ask me, I will say it simply that my eyes have seen a beautiful one born for us these days in Biafra, the great land of the wise.

Good to hear! One may call it joke but it will be nice if one remembers that I am not a joker, comedian and the likes. If we look well here, we will see it clearly that the beautiful one is truly born unto us in Biafra under the Sun.

Truth is that I am not the one talking this time. I have spoken to us as an erudite seer from East, but we did not accept my words for reasons best known to us - Biafrans. That is why I have to introduce the beautiful one to us. I mean the enclosure (article below) was not written by me, Dsage. It bears the following title: AN ADVICE AND SPECIAL PLEA FROM DR. MOSES NWAIGWE TO BIAFRANS. "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear yee him!" said Biafra.

Furthermore, let one also remember that one of my articles is titled, "NO HELP IN BIAFRA!!!" The lack of help does not mean that Biafra is poor in nature. We knew it that Job in Bible was mental portrait of Biafra in reality. He was wealthy but God and Devil conspired as evil pals to destroy his generation, wealth, health and what have you.

I do not have to show us the wealth of Biafra. We know all the riches, and we equally know that he (Biafra) has four refineries in reality, not in dream or fantasy. None of them is functioning because the people (Biafrans) had rejected their Biblical Jesus, John the Baptist and Nehemiah who came to rebuild, restructure and restore Biafra.

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The point here is that everybody knows me as a fantastic chemist in Biafra. We know it that I am not beautiful in Biafra-Nigeria. I am the Ugly Duckling for the people in the jungle. It is conspicuous because the people know it that I am not nice to them. I gave us bitter medicines and besides, my ways are not fine for the likings of fools under the Sun. That was why we did not take my words, the bitter medicines for the sickness of Job a.k.a Biafra, the Jesus of Africa.

Now, one of the beautiful ones has spoken in the enclosure below. If I may ask! How many of us have ears?

In addition, it will be so pleasing to Biafra if we bear it in mind that I wrote an article titled "THE THINGS HAD FALLEN APART". If we ask me, I will say it again that dream and internet are one (the same) in eyes of divinity. Both of them exist in mind, air or fantasy. They are similar to mental flight, journey or pilgrimage.

The term "pilgrimage" is journey from fantasy to reality. It simply means that there is an end to the dream in Biafra. We should know that he (Biafra) has remained as dream for too long. He is fighting hard to destroy everything that stands on his way to reality. That is why the kingdom and throne of RBL are falling apart just like Chinua Achebe prophesied in his story titled, THINGS FALL APART.


NOTE: The enclosure (article by Dr Moses Nwaigwe) was copied and pasted below:



Please, let us have an open mind and reason like civilized people.
Personally, I do not belong to any of the so called pro Biafran
organizations. Those of you, who see their own so called pro
Biafran organization as paramount to Biafra itself, should have
open mind as well. The US which is one of the most civilized nations
on earth, its president never combined his presidential duties with
that of the secretary of finance, secretary of the treasury.
Even Nigeria, one of the most corrupt nations on earth, its
president still has minister of finance, minister of defense etc.
Why would Biafra want to have a leader that insists on being
everything from financial secretary, treasurer and
head of Biafran defense agency? That is unacceptable.
I would advice each and every one of you to listen to the tapes made
available by Ngozi Madu before reading this post.

The name of the tapes, truth 1 through 4 speaks for itself.
There are four tapes. Please, listen to all of them especially truth4.
This brave lady, for those of you who do not know her, she is the
leader of Biafran women worldwide. She is really a through Biafran and
we should all be grateful for having someone of her caliber.
Ask yourself, why is it that most notable Biafrans that you used to
hear their names on radio Biafra before, you no longer hear their
names anymore. These are people who cannot put up with the lies,
and deceit of Nnamdi Kanu. Do not get me wrong, he is very good
with the microphone and this is what is confusing many of you.
What we need to look at, is what happens once the microphone is
turned off. When I asked him earlier this year to be honest with
Biafrans the way he is using the money they are contributing, he started
to avoid me like a plague. At that a point, I began to sense that something
is not right.

You no longer hear of Dr. Justin Akujieze one of the pioneers of Biafran
struggle and chairman of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nonso Ejerika,
Arinze Awogu publisher of Eastern pilot who was very instrumental in
preaching Biafra, Joy Ago one of the women leaders, A B Asogwa
another fine lady that lives in Isreal, Dr. Chukwuma Egemba one of the
trustees of radio Biafra, Nwada Amarachi Oparah another trustee of
radio Biafra, Gozie another fine Biafran and his 10,000 batallion,
Chidera Akubuo, a young brilliant lady who lives here in the US that used
to share broadcasting service with Nnamdi. Most of you know how she was
used and abused by Nnamdi. When she refused to marry him because
he was old enough to be her father, she was humiliated and disgraced
by Nnamdi. This is also on the truth4 tape made available online by
Ngozi Madu. A good number of Biafrans including myself knew about it
long time ago, before this tape became available. Another victim of
Nnamdi's preying on Biafrian women is Chioma Amaryllis who also lives
here in the US, but is now one of the people abandoned in the so called
command and control headquarters back home. This list includes
Ifeanyi Onwukike, who donated N500,000 for the Biafran cenotaph
and promised to keep supporting the Biafran struggle. On this list of people who have dissociated themselves from Nnamdi Kanu is Moses Nwaigwe himself and now Biafran women worldwide lead by
Ngozi Madu.

Please, ask yourself why are the above listed Biafrans who have
contributed immensely to this struggle and continue to contribute,
dissociating themselves from Nnamdi Kanu. Are all these notable
Biafrans members of APC and Billie as he would use the microphone
to label them in order to cover his track of lies, deceit and defrauding
Biafrans of their hard earned money? The truth here is that these are very courageous set of people who always call a spade a spade irrespective of the caliber of the spade. These groups of people have confronted Nnamdi to come clean and stop defrauding Biafrans and stop preying on innocent
women of Biafra trying to serve their country.

Do any of you know how much Biafrans have contributed worldwide?
Do you know how much is in radio Biafra account? Do you know how
much is spent every month? None of us know, except Nnamdi.
Biafra is a nation and should be run like one. In every nation, one person
alone is never the leader, the financial secretary, the treasurer and
head of defense department. Majority of the men in this struggle are either
cowards or refuse to live up to the truth. The women of Biafra have spoken,
we must listen to them.

I was as naive as many of you who are now defending Nnamdi,
until his personality began to unfold. I have defended him many times
in the past, due to the fact that I did not know who the real Nnamdi is.
I am challenging all of you to listen to all the four tapes available online
(truth 1 to 4) by Ngozi Madu and make some phone calls to investigate
the charges against Nanmdi before commenting on this post.
I made some calls after listening to the tapes. The tapes are not only
indisputable, but got more information than what is on those tapes
after my phone calls.

Do not be confused by the oratory and charming nature of Nnamdi.
He never practices what he preaches on radio Biafra. He has continued
to hammer on Uwazurike. Please, look deeply and see if you are smart
enough to notice the resemblance between him and Uwazurike.
According to him, Uwazurike calls himself a freedom fighter. One of
Nnamdi's criteria for a freedom fighter,which most of you have heard on
his radio program, is that a freedom fighter should never fly first class while
his people are suffering. He has been criticizing Uwazurike for flying first
class. Now, look at who is talking. Nnamdi has been flying first class
around the world with the money, naive and suffering Biafrans have been contributing. The worst part here is that his flying around the world is unnecessary. In what capacity is he doing this? Is he the president of Biafra? Biafra is not yet independent, therefore has no president.

Uwazurike is the "head and tail" of MASSOB, which means that he is the
leader, the financial secretary, and the treasurer. Nnamdi Kanu is the
director of radio Biafra, the financial secretary, the treasurer and head of
Biafran defense agency. Are you beginning to see the resemblance
between the two? However, Nnamdi will use the microphone to make you
believe otherwise, if you cannot reason by yourself. When it comes to the
women of Biafran, I have not heard that Uwazurike prey on them.
It appears that he has more respect for our ladies than Nnamdi.
We all know that Nigeria is one of the worst corrupt nations on earth,
and Nnamdi will always remind you of this in his radio program.
He will tell you how the leaders of Nigeria looted it dry, which is very true.
He condemns their actions, which is the right thing to do.
At the same time, he turns around and does the same thing with the money contributed by Biafrans. This is hypocrisy of the highest order.

I have no problems with those of you defending Nnamdi, if you are one
of those who do not know his personality, but judge him based on what
you hear from his mouth. As I said earlier, I was one of you,until the real
Nnamdi began to unfold himself. Copies of one of my letters to him,
early this year pleading for him to come clean and stop deceiving Biafrans,
were forwarded to many of you, including Ikechukwu Enyiagu.
Ikechukwu Enyiagu was one of the people that replied in defense of Nnamdi, due to the fact that he did not fully understand who Nnamdi was. Ironically, he is one of the young men that Nnamdi threw out of the so called command and control headquarters back home.

What was his sin? Simply he found out who was the real Nnamdi and
confronted him to be truthful to Biafrans. In addition, he objected to the fact
that Nnamdi brought in a Nigeria woman from Benin to stay with them in the
so called command and control headquarters. This is in addition to the
women of Biafran being used and abused in the same place.
My question here is, what is a Nigerian woman doing inside the so called
command and control headquarters of Biafra? I thought Nigeria is the enemy
of Biafra, or maybe I am wrong. It appears now that Biafrans are the
enemies of Biafrans. I can now understand why we are fighting ourselves
instead of fighting the real enemy which is Nigeria. This must be a new
definition of freedom fighting, where brothers fight each other to the finish.
We must come clean or else there will be no Biafra. Why must young people
who Nnamdi told to come home from their comfort zones all over the world
to fight for Biafra, be thrown out of the building that Biafrans paid for the rent?
They were then left in another building without water, light, furniture and no food. Instead of this brave Biafrans to be taken care of; Nnamdi was busy wasting the money contributed by Biafrans, to care for his Nigerian girlfriend.

 I am very upset; this is irresponsibility of the highest order.
My deep appreciation to Ngozi Madu and Dr. Justin AKujieze who arranged to
send money to Ikechukwu Enyiagu through our iron lady Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu . This nonsense must stop immediately. The Biafran women worldwide have spoken, through their leader Ngozi Madu, and we must listen.
They want Nnamdi to be replaced for abuse of office and preying on Biafran women. To this end, I am recommending that Nnamdi Kanu should be allowed
to stay as director of radio Biafia for the next 30 days, to give Biafrans time to
come up with a final solution. A committee should be set up to be headed by
Dr. Justin Akujieze. This committee will appoint a treasurer and financial
secretary. An account should be set up for the IPOB, different from that of RBL.
IPOB will operate on a budget. Money will be appropriated to all departments, including media. RBL is one of the media outfits, any money appropriated to it,
will then be deposited in its own account and must be accounted for at all time.
I am also appealing to all Biafrans, especially the coordinators to stop giving money directly to Nnamdi Kanu. No one should donate money directly to the accounts of radio Biafra even from their website. Any coordinator, who has collected some money from his zone, should send it directly to those Biafrans at the so called command and control headquarters back home. You can contact
Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu or Ikechukwu Enyiagu and send the money through them to care for those brave Biafrans. This can be done through Moneygram or western union or any other means. Those of you in Europe can go through Ngozi Madu or do it yourself.

Nnamdi Kanu must not be allowed any other positions except that of director
of radio Biafra for the next 30 days, until Biafrans decide his fate. He should be
kept far away from our money and our women. If he has listened to numerous Biafrans as listed above and cleaned up his acts of preying on our women and misusing our money to support his flamboyant life style, we would not be in this mess. I have written him several times to come clean, but he would not listen.

The Biafran women worldwide have spoken and it is now in the open.
We must respect our women and protect them. Enough is enough.

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