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"If only you decide for change, Nigeria Is set for change"

10 April 2014, 12:41

The prevalent issue in Nigeria today is the issue of terrorism and violent insurgency and it constitutes the major subject of security challenge engulfing the nation. It raises many sweeping debates among the citizens who are seeking for a way forward out of this hullabaloo. The reason a minority of Nigerians are proposing that the nation should be divided is because of the distrust they have for political leaders who are unable to bring any remedy to their people’s sufferings, untold hardships and economic depression.

The people feel that if the nation is divided they will be able to manage their own affairs and monitor their own growth and stabilize the government of their own polity. But they are only myopic about the impact of having a breakup at any time in history as this dissension saturated epoch. Anyway these are only a minority of people in Nigeria. They do not represent all the views and interests of Nigeria. They present a selfish interest that will not conduce to the common good or serve the interest of other groups whose welfare are not taken into consideration.

Their problem is simply economic and they do not have an objective view of the economy of Nigeria can really be developed to the benefit of all regions if true federalism is again practiced in Nigeria. They are against the unity of Nigeria simply because as a minority group they have not had a fair share of the benefit of economic progress in Nigeria today. But in the future there experience will certain change if only they realize Why Nigeria Needs Familial National Transcultural Confluence.

So Nigeria cannot be divided just because of the selfish interest of a manipulated minority of its population. No. There are better ways to deal with the problems of every region. Dividing the nation is not listed as a good solution to the problems and challenges of either Nigeria as a national family or a given part of it as an indigenous region. It will be a very conspicuous and outrageous mistake if the majority of Nigerians allow Nigeria to be divided only to surprised at how even the minority groups calling for breakup will consequently be further torn apart hence be eluded by the satisfaction of peace and progress they craved at the expense of the nation’s unity and progress. Such a chance taken to divide the nation would really be foolish at worst for it wouldn't even be right and just at best to satisfy any region’s craving for independence and autonomy since other nations will come to pillage them afterward.

So Nigeria cannot be divided easily. Terrorism or no terrorism, Nigeria must not be divided. Boko Haram or no Boko Haram Nigeria must remain united as a peaceful national family. All Nigeria needs at this point in time is familial national transcultural confluence. It also needs to realize this on the basis of its political emancipation from external manipulation of its leadership and policies. The main problem with Nigeria and the cause of its backwardness is the influence of external powers on its leadership and policies. The Nigerian government still lacks autonomy and independence due to the much allegiance of our leaders to foreign self-acclaimed superpowers. Until this matter is tabled and resolved on the platform of the national conference the Nigerian people and their government will continue to be subjugated and dominated politically through external influence on its policies, and thus would remain insecure due to neocolonialism.

Furthermore, it is important not to be oblivious of the implications of my position here. Whose interest do I serve best by recommending for Nigeria continuity in unity as a nation? Do I serve best the interest of the leaders, the ruling class of elites or I am serving the interest of all Nigerians irrespective of their cultural and religious groups? To answer immediately, I am serving the interest of all Nigerians. What’s more, am I justified to be indifferent to the tension existing between the parallel regions of Northern and Southern Nigeria by insisting that they should remain united in a union that is described by both sides as ill-fated, looking back at how the amalgamation treaty was signed?

Also I must assert that I am not being indifferent in any way since I have already exposed the problems affecting the respective regions under consideration. All I am suggesting is a confluence of interest where rather than fighting due to different interests, these interests will be put and considered together as the interest of the nation and the best way to address them is by revoking the practice of true federalism where each region will have its reasonable autonomy while remaining united as one nation Nigeria. These are personal questions I have answered but I do not presume to have all the answers to the questions bordering Nigeria today, my view is rather that Nigeria can still grow in unity than in disunity.

My simple desire is to see peace maintained than destroyed in Nigeria, whose ever interest this desire serves is no serious concern to me again except where the only beneficiaries are foreign powers. I strongly believe that with the right structure on ground every party in Nigeria will equally benefit a fair share in the power of the government and each side of the beneficiary can develop itself when its turn comes if true federalism is practiced in Nigeria as before, the divide and rule system which the military introduced is what has also injured our democracy in Nigeria, so we should be able to return to the status quo ante where each region will have autonomy within the umbrella of federal republic of Nigeria. I do not recognize in all sincerity any need for break-up since the people's ill-will to be united is what makes their coexistence as Nigeria an ill-fated union as many claim.

If anyone dares to contest my view here, my only response will be that the person is under an influence of the same delusion that has remained the chief source of tribalism in Nigeria after the amalgamation in 1914. The content of this delusion needs clarification, and since it is my patent claim here that those opposing Nigeria’s unity as a nation are under a delusion I will clarify this delusion. Notably, the sentiments causing divide between Northern and Southern Nigeria is that of vengeance where the South chiefly represented by Biafra on its Eastern border considers itself cheated and subjugated by the North as the amalgamation treaty is also seen to be fraudulent because it was intended to serve the interest of the North alone who will produce leaders that are uneducated and will remain loyal to the west without having sufficient enlightenment to desire liberty for their people. And so was it actually that they were manipulated by the west and were used to be exploiting the wealth and resources of the Southern region.

And so, the south which never consented to the treaty of amalgamation with the north, but was forced into it as a virgin forced into marriage to a man she never loved and ever after remained distressed by that union, so too the south feels aggrieved that the British forced them to marry the south without first seeking their consent. And since they have not chosen this marriage, they cannot remain in it now that that treaty has expired. It is thus a very simple logic presented to show that the South needs to be emancipated from the Nigerian marriage. But this logic is not a valid criterion for dividing the country today. So other points are present to back up the argument for the need to breakup Nigeria after 2014, one is that, the south was through amalgamation robbed by the British government that was also manipulating the North and so the north has continued to steal resources from the south to develop their territories while the south remains underdeveloped.

The north to who the British entrusted leadership of Nigeria to for exploitative reasons, have continued to pitch their tents around power in Nigeria and have not allowed the south fair chances of leadership in Nigeria. the first time a southerner was going to break the jinx they introduced Boko Haram which has today caused the lost of countless cherished citizens of Nigeria.

Jonathan almost failed in election because the Northern leaders mobilized the north against him so that he would have not vote but because of the southern majority in majored in the election to become president of Nigeria. today still the North has not relented in its claim of inheritance to power from the British and so conceives leadership in Nigerian as its birth right. This is something which the nation conference should well resolve so that there would be peace in Nigeria. Otherwise, the south will continue to feel cheated and marginalized. Leadership is not the birth right of the North, so the south must enjoy its own right to leadership in Nigeria. Otherwise if this would not be resolved then true federalism should not be delayed in praxis in Nigeria again. Let the greedy politicians not oppose it again for they are all aware of the plight of the south having never enjoyed any objective benefit from the union insofar as it has not had a fair share of direct participation in leadership.

The south is the most aggrieved party in this conflict and there must be a way forward to compensate the south for its patience for a century. Instead of allowing this anger to explode into another civil war, the leadership table should be returned to the south as it has been to the north. The north should stop threatening that if its own leaders do not control the federation Nigeria will divide, for Nigeria is not the property of the north alone but of both the north and the south. There is no age factor in this matter that the north should claim to be elder to the south in politics. Leadership should be on merit and experience and the south with its level of enlightenment actually deserves to compete favorable in leadership at all levels of government in the federation. If the north refuses to give the south any chance and keeps threatening to divide the country unless it remains the controller of leadership in the country, then true federalism should be invoked again. Otherwise the desire of the south to be liberated from the bondage imposed upon it by the same union, will cause it to go to war against the north and such a war will never have an end because presently Nigeria has already won for itself many enemies in the west.

The south considers itself as being enslaved to the north and this slavery has lasted for a century yet, and the north is not ready to give up on this master-slave relationship it has with the south, therefore the south says being slaves in bondage it is time to fight for its liberation and then it makes it own threat to the unity of Nigeria saying, if Nigeria will not be divided in peace, then it would surely do so by going to war. Indeed this is a smart threat because no one wants to go to war, so many Nigerians already scared are beginning to appeal to UN for a peaceful breakup of Nigeria. But this cowardice is an expression of profound folly. Nigerians should think clearly first before deciding that Nigeria should be divided the only liberation needed is from western domination not fellow Nigerians from fellow Nigerians. There is no need for the south to claim it is waiting for the liberator to come and move its people to the promised land of independence as it enjoyed before the amalgamation. That would be moving back in time as changing the direction of motion of the hand of the clock, which is impossible. The stack reality to be faced is that, what is gone by is gone. The past is gone and would not come again. The south cannot return to how it was in the past in pre-colonial era. This stage of unity in the umbrella of Nigeria is an evolution that cannot be countered. It has formed part of the history of the entity called Nigeria. This entity must remain and the south must remain one people with the north. This can only happen when the need for familial national transcultural confluence is appreciated and realized in Nigeria. To move forward is the command of time, not backward. So as one united Nigeria, the solution for Nigeria to move forward is fair politics or the practice of true federalism.   

It is now a historical to recount to the south-Easterners how Ojukwu attempted to be the liberator of the south from Nigeria. Did he succeed? No! He only started a war that destroyed the lives of millions of Nigerians, yet Nigeria remained a unity. That era of civil has come and gone and is now taught in schools as part of the history of Nigeria.  Therefore, no further attempt should be made to divide Nigeria through civil war, for it would also fail and the entity Nigeria will end up in ruins with each region losing the potential ever be independent again. So the south must resist the voice of any new Ojukwu. The best solution to the problems of the south is to call for true federalism unless the north becomes enlightened enough to settle at a compromise with the south so that there can be realized in Nigeria the need for familial national transcultural confluence. There will never come for a time when Biafra will live outside Nigeria unless Nigeria sells itself to the west to decide for it how it should be organized. The UN is not for the interest of Nigeria if it forcefully divides it into fragments, so Nigerians in their right senses should resist the alarming tendency of the UN to plot its disintegration.

No region is a slave to another in Nigeria. The south is not a slave to the north. Both north and south are equal. So there is no need for any region to wait for the advent of its new Moses and Christ? The propaganda to divide Nigeria along regional lines is hereby exposed in this project that critically analyzes Why Nigeria Needs Familial National Conference. So such editorials as Eastern Pilot etc. should be sanctioned, for the freedom of the premise does not mean propagating the seeds of division through the kind of information disseminated in the press. This matter also needs to be discussed on round table in the National conference. All agitations for breaking up Nigeria are born out of low-self esteem of any region, and those taking to the UN the plight of the nation are undermining the integrity of the nation whose unity is at stake.

The correct thing to do is not to be intimidated by the west or any region but to stay focused. The course of disintegration must thus be discontinued at all quarters where it has been taken to. Specifically, the indigenous people of Biafra should stop letting themselves be intimidated by indigenous Hausa/Fulani people of the north who use hostility and corrupt politics to put as a wager for them to scare the former from coming out openly to demand its right to enjoy leadership privileges in the country at all levels of its politics. Indeed the northern politicians are unjustly claiming Leadership of Nigeria as their birth right simply because they were manipulated by the colonial Lord Lugard to play the puppet role in Leadership and governance in Nigerian politics at its threshold. This is a foolish claim because they trade their dignity for power by so doing. If power is used properly to build this country there would be peace, and it matters not where the one in whose hands it is comes from, both the south and north can equally use it well and so should have equal opportunities enjoy leadership privileges in the country.

Rather than attempting an impossible race to run faster than their shadow Nigeria, the Biafrans should be civil and rational enough to see causing civil war again by their style of agitation as a self-detrimental choice to make. Instead they should use the table of the national conference as a dartboard to channel and discuss their grievances and plight as a people who have equal rights and should enjoy equal privileges in leadership as the north. If the national conference is used very well Nigeria will be better after 2015.

Since by right the north ought not to unjustly Lord over the south their equal parallels, the national conference ought to evolve a reliable method of deciding who becomes what in the leadership structure of Nigeria as to assert the equality of the people of all regions of Nigeria. It is better to be civil than uncivil, the national conference is better for conflict resolution between Northern and Southern Nigeria than national warfare which is uncivil though it is called civil war. So the Biafrans should shun every mass media propaganda they have begun that may incite violence during or after the national conference, and instead should project themselves as indigenous people who are civil and civilized enough to know that the national conference is an avenue that avails the opportunity of settling their scores with the Hausas of the North once and for all through a peaceful dialogue that holds the potential to actually better their lot.

In fact we should not lose sight of the truism that in these tempting times, the world is watching at use to see what will result from the conference for posterity to have who to blame or praise pertaining to the fate of Nigeria as a nation among other growing nations of the world. This will be decided in and at the national conference. And of course, with the way the conference did begin, there is every reason to hope that Nigeria will not become a laughing stock tomorrow when the conference is over, only that no important issue should be left unmentioned as sacrosanct. 

The national conference been fully endorsed is standardizing Nigeria's struggle for nationhood. The history of Nigeria dates from the Amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorates by Lord Lugard between 1913 and 1914 when the treaty of amalgamation was signed. Nationhood has been achieved after then, but the realization of purpose of it has not be achieved yet by the majority of Nigerians and this is what this project, Why Nigeria Needs Familial National transcultural Conference has embraced as a challenge which it has responded to so then with this project Nigerians can understand the purpose of the nationhood of Nigeria. In the light of understanding the purpose of our nationhood, Nigerians should know that it is not optional but compulsory for a family to be united. Nigeria is a family and so it is not optional but compulsory for Nigerians to live together and grow together and survive together. This is what a familial national transcultural confluence entails.

So negotiations at the confab would first presume that the unity of Nigeria as a national family is non-negotiable. This is why every Nigerian must endeavor to look beyond choice of living together, for there is no better decision for a family to grow but the decision of the members of the family to live together. The members of the Nigeria as a family must not dispute on this issue but accept the nationhood of Nigeria as a familial nationhood implied by the need for transcultural confluence that has always be conceived of Nigeria since the amalgamation.

Nigerians have already acknowledged this familial nationhood by the mere fact that after their amalgamation they did not just settle at test-driving the workability of their unity but were actually united albeit without fostering justice and equity at the same time such that some groups were marginalized and exploited by others. The implicit reason for calling for national conference is to settle the dispute between all the regions and groups of Nigeria that have grievances against one another. Hence to avoid wasting time on issues that are not ideal, the conference with its modalities worked out after its first plenary session should focus on how to impress Nigerians that without force they can actually live hopefully together in harmony as members of one untied but united national family Nigeria. So the question should be: how should we live together in one Nigeria not should we live together?

Hence, the main issue for concerned Nigerians who have now taken cognizance of Why Nigeria Needs Familial National Transcultural Conference should border on the type of government that will help them as one African people of Nigeria to live together: sustainable democracy is the answer. Tribalism and politics of impunity, exploitation, stealing, and all forms of corruption should be the concern for all Nigerians to cooperate to bring to an end.

Religious terrorism and discrimination, intolerance and hostility are other issues to be tackled. Sectarianism and separatism are all born of western negative influence upon our polity so, these too sill overhauled by resisting western domination over our policies. These are solutions we have at the purview. There should be no time to debate on which zone or representative should hold central federal power. The national conference should not solve more problems for country than give rise to them. Nigerians must be together because Nigerians are members of one family. Being members of one family the interest of all Nigerians as one people in one Nation as a union should be therefore be project first by all Nigerians whether politician or common Nigerian, and irrespective of religion and tribe.

The current deep divide across the country between Northern and Southern Nigeria should be finally closed after the results of the national conference have been implemented to reach a resolution for the familial issue of national unity and integration. It doesn't matter the force by which Nigeria has been held together as one political entity for over a century now. What matters is how to more freely Nigerians of all regions can remain together without disintegration, for disintegration in Nigeria at this time of our history as a people will surely not help any group or region because once the structures for disintegration are instituted the system itself disintegrating will continue to undergo various phases of disintegration until no group will be strong enough to stand erect.

Moreover, Nigerians should learn from and not repeat the mistakes of others like Sudan for instance; otherwise what happened in the last 1967 civil war that ended the lives of over 3.5 million Nigerians at once will be repeated and perpetuated. Sudan is not yet in peace, Nigerians should learn from this bitter truth substantiating the importance of national unity. The concept of familial nationhood should be embrace as one that will enable Nigeria to stay united and Nigerian's must accept this concept and see Nigeria as one big family that each member must always unite with others in, for its progress, development and stable peace. Nigerians ought to be their brothers' keepers and to do this they must love one another and live in brotherliness.

Today when the love in the hearts of many Nigerians has grown cold and they no longer see themselves as brothers, even prayer for Nigeria in distress would not make any impact on the Nigerian society or suffice for any way forward if it is without exemplariness of leaders of the country, both religious and political, in showing love to those they lead and teaching them how to love one another as Christ taught his apostles in words and deeds. So the Nigerian leaders have much to contribute to better the situation of things in Nigeria today and to give hope to the Nigerian citizenry. This totally depends on their exemplary. Good governance and credible leadership is what Nigeria needs to progress and love and tolerance is what it needs to stay united. So the importance of these cannot be underestimated or gainsaid.

Ultimately, Nigeria should be run along true federal lines if the present structure can no longer be put aright or its fault due to regionalism and sectarianism corrected in due course of time after conference. If Nigeria is to progress as a united family, then the gaps between them must not be widened but closed. Nigerians should come together as the national conference entails and recognize in that conferential togetherness that it is only in togetherness that Nigeria as a country can survive as a one united national family. No doubt Nigerians are different people but since cultural diversity is not a threat to unity there is hope for the future, and this is Why Nigeria Needs Familial National Transcultural Confluence. Hence all cultures constituting

Nigeria should recognize what they share in common. It cannot be proven that after a century of staying together Nigerians do not share anything in common. Nigerians surely share many things in common. Nigerians first have answered one common name ‘Nigeria’ for 100 years as a people who have been brought together even without their agreement and irrespective of the different issues that this forced togetherness has generated. Now that nationhood is achieved its purpose must be realized too. The business project has been to make that purpose more realistic from a critically angle. It is a development to be brought together as Nigeria. It will be a greater development to remain together on will in peace and with little or no friction and crises. But it will be a no welcomed development to be divided and separated. So the family Nigeria must be united and progress together in peace.

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