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Open letter to Gen. Buhari on Biafra

04 November 2015, 16:17

One thing everyone can attest to is the British penchant for Fraud and lies. Britain is also a known state sponsor of terror. We saw it when Tony Blair wanted to invade Iraq, we saw it when he wanted Mbeki to help invade Zimbabwe http://goo.gl/EUTBAW

The British are also very advanced in divide and steal and setting people against the other and inciting violence. Another visible character of the British is their ability to identify a potential lackey to be used as a house slave against the Field slaves.

Some background about the treachery and ability of the British to create crisis can easily be seen from their activities in the then Bight of Biafra after the slave trade business ended. As soon as slave trade ended circa 1833 when England outlawed slave trade, the British needed to establish another foothold on their colonies to enable them continue pillaging Black Africans. They quickly moved and made the Bight of Biafra a British Protectorate on 30th June 1849 but not without opposition and resistance from the indigenous people in the area.The British invaded the Biafran hinterland.They invaded Ndoni in 1870 followed by a brutal assault and bombardment of Onicha-Ado (Onitsha) on 2 November 1897, they engaged Ibusa in 1898 and in 1904 it was Owa/Ukwunzu and in 1906 it was an Owa repeat, and then Ogwashi uku. Ogwashi Uku matched the British might and the British sustained heavy casualties and saw the death of H. C. Chapman.You may reference the ekumeku movement to better understand what may be going on.

It was based on these wars and ugly experiences that the British probably decided to payback the whole area by using the Hausa/Fulani as willing house slaves to subjugate the area previously known as Biafra, and later Eastern region and today divided into South-South and South-East.

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Contrary to the belief that the British are against Biafra or fought against Biafra for oil, the common sense reason for anyone who understands the British is retaliation and subjugation of blacks. You may recall that in retaliation of their past losses, having been able to successfully incite the Hausa/Fulanis and Yorubas to war against Biafra, they arranged a revenge mission for their loss in Anioma by using the gullible Nigerian troops who they had under their control. In that instance, the Nigerian troops gathered all male children and slaughtered them and their reason was "because they will grow up to become Biafran soldiers". This shows that while the house slaves like Obasanjo, Gowon, Buhari, Adekunle, Murtala Mohammed, etc were fighting for what they thought was crude oil, the British had other ideas. Unfortunately for the Biafrans, Obasanjo, Buhari, Adekunle and the rest of Nigeria matched the best description of a bad brother who would stop at nothing in taking sides with the external oppressor.

The Buhari Obasanjo group with the house slave mentality could not say NO to anything that can be used against the field slaves-they agreed to bombing of schools(when school is in session), churches(during church service), markets(when markets were open). Those are the heavy prices the Biafrans paid for having "British God” made brothers like Obasanjo, Buhari, Gowon and their group. During the war, with the British military might deployed to the highest level just short of nuclear bombs, they incited the Nigerian troops who showed no mercy. Strangely, the civil rights movement was at full swing in USA at that time and apartheid was also in place in South Africa but for an incited house slave like Gowon and his group - the master must be satisfied at the expense of other blacks. None of them asked what would happen if we visited the USA or UK as both had racial segregation in different forms, will the "for whites only" sign still apply to them or they will become whites?

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It may not be fair to blame Obasanjo, Gowon or their group as they only had very little education(School certificate) while Obasanjo and many of them joined the army less than a decade before the war.They had probably never seen oyibo at close range before then and the time they did it was for military training in heaven "UK" the abode of their British God. They had visited the UK and had the slavery mentality enshrined and embedded in their heads - to them like a carpenter with only a hammer - everything became nail.The counter coup of 1966 had British and American input,  they were behind the choice of Gowon as Head of state ahead of Murtala Mohammed to avoid suggesting any religious undertone. The British had their plans well laid out -a brutal revenge on the people who proved tough to conquer and refused to accept the British as God the same way Buhari and Gowon group did. They had the minions in Gowon's group and the opportunity was then set for a revenge- A brutal revenge for the loss of the British in the ekumeku battle field and sweet that this time one group of black monkeys will be used against another group of monkeys too stubborn to the extent of  trading tackles with the British"God".

At the beginning they thought with British super power status, it was only a matter of minutes, Gowon an incited house slave boasted with the slave owner urging him on. When the war got difficult, the British fearing a repeat of their previous experience resorted to hunger, starvation, propaganda and demonization of Biafra.

A 1968 UK newspaper described the situation this way "Federal Nigeria fought ferociously against the breakaway region of Biafra, and missing a military victory resorted to a policy of starvation" http://goo.gl/ivz7aE

To better understand the level of reasoning of the Buhari, Obasanjo group, here is an interview of one of the key fighters during the war.Benjamin Adekunle aka "Black Scorpion"

Adekunle led the Third Marine Commando Division with such great panache and determination that the foreign media, in looking for a human angle on the Biafranwar, found him a ready source of news.

Adekunle was a key champion of the food blockade to Biafra while the British maintanained an air land and sea blockade of Biafra. In a wartime interview he had with Randolph Baumann of Stern Magazine in Igweocha(Igwe Ocha has been renamed to Portharcourt by the British) (published on August 18, 1968),:

ADEKUNLE: In the section of the front that I rule—and that is the whole south front from Lagos to the border of Kamerun—I do not want to see the Red Cross, Caritas Aid, World Church delegation, Pope, Missionary, or UN delegation.

STERN: Does that mean that the many thousands of tons of food that are stored in Lagos will never get to the refugee camps in your section of the country?

ADEKUNLE: That’s exactly what I am saying.

STERN: But you said yourself that most of the refugees in the part you captured are not Ibos.

ADEKUNLE: I don't care if they are ibos or not. I want to block all foreign aids from a getting to that part of the country as long as this whole people have not given up yet.

STERN: Do you sometimes feel sympathy for the Ibo children?

ADEKUNLE: I have learned a word from the British, which is “sorry”! That’s how I want to respond to your question. I want to win this war for the sake of Nigeria crude oil. Therefore I have to kill the enemies to win this war. Sorry! The End.

Obasanjo was to replace Adekunle not too long  after as he had somehow exposed the plan of the British genocide on the Igbos using the Nigerians.

Owing to the British losses in the colonial era because what constituted the Biafra region were the places they encountered difficulties, with this group of house slaves. the Biafran war was fought with Britain as a state sponsor of terror at full glare. The ideology of a recaptured slave was fully displayed to teach the Igbos a lesson that the British are God. With minions like Obasanjo, Gowon and Adekunle the Igbos were at the mercy of British military might and the corrosive propaganda of the BBC as the Biafran war provided the British with an opportunity to avenge the losses to the Igbos for Ekumeku and the Aro Anglo wars among many others. Somehow they were able to sway perception and demonize the Igbos to a level that when other ethnic groups in Biafra observed it,  they started denying being Igbo including the Anioma people as the British made sure they were struck with terror of the level never seen on earth before. It was the brutal terror that resulted in Nzeogwu's village becoming non Igbo but the coup planned by Nzeogwu was labelled an Igbo coup. The British using their BBC propaganda tool was able to demonize Igbos to a level that even Igbos themselves started denying being Igbo.

It is based on British bitterness and hatred for the Igbos that Nigeria was created shortly after the ekumeku wars, the British knew how to get at their enemies. The British although previously thought that all those areas were Igbos later discovered differences. They needed to exploit those differences to ensure that no form of unity can ever exist in that area again. This stereotype of the entire Eastern region being Igbos still exists till today as an Ogoni man who visits Lagos will be called "omo Ibo" just as he will be called "yamiri" if he went to the North.

This policy of marginalizing Igbos were carefully guarded by the house slaves like Obasanjo and the Northern establishment. The British had already done enough job with inciting the rest of the "world around the Igbos" against them and they were demonized. To better understand the British brutality in what was a British battle of attrition, the British further incited the minorities in the Portharcourt area to grab and loot the houses of Igbos as they are now classified as abandoned property. The incitement did not end there, they of course got the federal Government which was effectively a house slave being used against a field slave to apply a fiscal policy that would allow Igbos only 20 Pounds irrespective of how much they held in the banks prior to the war.

You may have seen how senseless the Obasanjo and Buhari group are and unfortunately they are a group who will never learn but when the British sees a fool, they do not hesitate to use them over and over again. This is why you see the same group being recycled to rule Nigeria - they are the people trusted to ensure that what was Biafra fighting colonialism and trading tackles with the British God never rears up again.


If general Buhari has grown from the British lackey of 1967 to a man of his own integrity, the issue would have been easy to fix, but unfortunately, Buhari still has a 1966 mindset. Buhari is spending millions of dollars trying to stop radio Biafra at the instance of the same British. Unfortunately, he does not know how to deceive the British or tell them he is doing it without doing it. You may recall that soon after he won his elections he went to Uk to be tutored on dos and don'ts. He had to physically go because Wikileaks may reveal communications. This same radio station was broadcasting under Jonathan for over two years, no one heard until Buhari came with his 1966 mindset and British incitement, the cycle has to be repeated -the stubborn Igbo monkeys have not been dealt with enough, only the Hausa/Fulani or Obasanjo group of house slaves can do that-Jonathan is a field slave who needs to undergo some "purification" to become a house slave and learn how to pontificate for the British God.

Buhari was hoisted on the British contraption designed with failure embedded in it foundations and DNA. Everything must be made to celebrate mediocrity and a mediocre election was conducted.

Soon after Buhari was declared winner Tony Blair came as usual to ask Buhari to crack NNPC to succeed and everything must be abandoned to satisfy the British God. He has to do that anyway because he remembers how they dealt with him in the 80's. Do you not wonder as an individual why Buhari would go to new york to demand palestinian rights and turn around to arrest Nnamdi Kanu for talking of Biafran self determination.

Many have gone to press, alleging hate speech and violence and we are yet to hear Buhari condemn his Palestinian darlings for their hate speech against Israel and the USA. Infact while Nnamdi Kanu had said there is need for weapons for self defense, the Palestinians that our Buhari classify as peaceful and who should be allowed the right of self determination sing "death to Israel" daily to the cheer of our peace loving Buhari. Blame him not anyway - the house slave is usually at his best in sabotaging every effort the field slave makes to gain freedom.

A good understanding of how easy it is for the British to incite the Buhari and Obasanjo group is to see what they are all saying - "the same thing" and all of them are at war once again with Biafra.Truly they never knew where the British problem with Biafra started but they could have remembered to say "oyibo using us to kill our own brothers?" well for the house slave - the field slave must be dreaming and infact insane for imagining there can be a better place that eating off the crumbs from the Masters table.

To better appreciate how good the British are in using people and reusing them whatever their interests are is seen in this 1862 communication of the British officer in Biafra about their effort and work goes thus "The want of a person wholly unconnected with trade as Consul for Fernando Po and Rivers in the Bight of Biafra is greatly felt, and with a gun-boat attached to the division for his disposal when necessary, I feel confident we should have little or no trouble in protecting our interests, improving the trade, and keeping peace in those rivers from which the bulk of palm oil on the coast is derived"

This was on 22nd December 1860 from an officer overseeing the Bight of Biafra for oil shipments. Note that the oil here is Palm oil.

The drums of war are being sounded, the minions used by the British in the last war are back on the saddle, how best can we stop this? There was a blood moon in 1967 and another this year, will Buhari allow himself to be fooled a second time? Biafra is not his enemy but the British see it so but Buhari must free himself from mental slavery as the British are only but human. They know how to incite blacks against blacks, they know how to hide behind you to perpetuate their evil. Your northern brothers can not in all honesty say what Biafra did to them, they have been brainwashed by the BBC Hausa service -the war was not fought in the North, yet the minions used by the British are incited to hate the victims. Can Buhari stand tall like Mbeki did when asked to invade Zimbabwe? Perhaps, but if he could why did he fall for the Fredrick Luagard assessment of blacks which says ”In character and temperament the typical African of this race-type is a happy, thriftless, excitable person. Lacking in self control, discipline, and foresight. Naturally courageous, and naturally courteous and polite, full of personal vanity, with little sense of veracity, fond of music and loving weapons as an oriental loves jewelry. His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment, and he suffers little from the apprehension for the future or grief for the past. His mind is far nearer to the animal world than that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animals placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the State he has reached" -Fredrick Lugard -The British colonial thug that created Nigeria

If indeed Buhari has learnt anything from previously being used by the British God to slaughter his fellow blacks, would he have arrested Nnamdi Kanu for calling Nigeria a zoo? Fredrick Lugard that created Nigeria did worse by writing it down in a book published in 1922. Is Buhari angry with Nnamdi Kanu based on the same British incitement of 1967 or this is a new one? Is Buhari happy with Lugard because the master is never wrong? The British are fighting for something - they are oyibo and blacks are as Lugard said to them but What is the reason behind Buhari's own fight? If you know why, tell us if not please tell Buhari that criticism is not hatred just as salutation is not love. He was previously overthrown by his close confidants and they were not Nnamdi Kanu, he should be able to separate an enemy from a bystander - We have suffered enough in the hands of the British - from Brutal repression to slavery, to palm oil, to coal, to oil and Gas and if we do not learn now, we may never learn again. The British are subtle and may incite Buhari to bloodshed and violence but he must remember from 1966 till date the British has used them to kill many of their fellow blacks and the British are yet to offer anything good in return.The North is poor, the North will starve, the North is this or the North is that is the British fraud to incite you against your fellow blacks, if you doubt suggest anything positive to them about Biafra and let's see if they will not oppose it but yet they want you to believe they care about the North.

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If we agree to be deceived by the British that they care about the North and its well being - let us point at a school they built, let us point at a hospital they built, let us point at a road they built, let us point at computers they gave to our schools,point at the number of Northern students studying for free in British schools,  let us point at one good thing the British has ever done for the North.I hope however the British liars also told you that Biafra existed before Nigeria and their attempt at rewriting history and starting the story from 1967 was part of their treachery and fraud? In case they did not, perhaps this 1868 Map of Biafra will help.http://etc.usf.edu/maps/pages/000/32/32z.htm

The chains of slavery were broken more than a century ago, but the worse form of slavery is mental slavery It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes"

Biafra is not an enemy to Nigeria but the British has succeeded in making it appear so, and if you doubt, measure the psyche of the British and analyze their reason for opposing it- The British cannot tell you the North is poor and landlocked but maintain a level of interest in Zimbabwe, less than the North in size and landlocked. Biafra is made to look bad in the eyes of many by the British, but the same British built their place and beautified it only  to come and mentally enslave and subjugate blacks. Scotland in UK with its parliament, Football Association and Pounds is seceding from UK, no one has bombed the other, the British and their BBC propaganda machinery have not demonized the Scottish and in case you have forgotten Scotland is less than Kano in population. What more can I say?

To Buhari, Obasanjo, Gowon and their group, the blood of people you wasted from 1966 till date in obedience to your British God are crying to God for vengeance. This is 2015 and remember "First fool no be fool, second fool na proper foolish" A word is enough for the wise.

- MyNews24

Disclaimer: All articles and letters published on MyNews24 have been independently written by members of News24's community. The views of users published on News24 are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent the views of News24. News24 editors also reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments received.

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