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The Undeniables

23 June 2015, 11:26

Life is an undeniable miracle There are some moments in our lives in which we experience greatness; unfortunately, there are moments that are not so great. However, it is unnecessary to feel upset, or despair all the time; similarly, it is true that every present moment can be joyful, cheerful and blissful.

It is down to the thoughts in your mind and your imagination at each moment. For example, it is unnecessary to persuade everyone on planet Earth to believe in God, as it is against the Universal Laws of Allowing; however, that cannot prevent you letting others know that the greatness of God is higher than anything humans can imagine and that He actually dwells in everyone’s heart.

In my opinion, I believe even a person who denies God will have a moment of time to ask God to aid him or save his life, particularly when he feels his life is in jeopardy or when every option seems to be exhausted. This occurs often because it is natural human instinct that we remember who we are — a spirit and a part of God’s creation. God is our savior; God is our heavenly father; God is our protector; God is our adviser; God is our healer and many other things you can use to define who God is in your heart and mind.

I remember reading an article about a scientist who did not believe in God. He had always denied God’s existence, and everything he did had to be verified through scientific evidence. One day, he received a call that his wife was in danger of passing away in the hospital. The hospital asked him to come right away. In immediate response to the phone call he said, “Oh, God, please save my wife’s life. I will do everything I can in my power to broadcast your glory. I believe in you. Please forgive me for denying you. From now on I will do everything I can to compensate for my past when I rejected you. I love you, God, please save my wife.” After he hung up the telephone he went to the hospital to see his wife. At the hospital, he saw a miracle. His wife had improved from a critical condition in a matter of hours. After this incident, he accepted God. He never mentioned a word of denial toward God. He kept his word and told everyone about the unexplainable miracle that healed his wife. He believed it was God who cured her. Miracles occur every moment in our lives; however, we have to awaken in the now to feel and receive them.

There is a moment in our lives when we misunderstood the greatness of God and continue to deny Him and His existence. We forget we are a part of God's creation and are connected to everything on Earth. We are one with all things; we breathe and are illuminated by Him. However, because of our limitations, we have forgotten our natural spirits; everything changed after we were born on Earth. We thought we could do everything ourselves and replace God with the gloomy ego. We go our separate ways and believe everything should be our way or the highway. However, this denial and separation cannot last long, because we always feel something is missing in our hearts. Even a person, who has everything, such as a loving family, a powerful career, and an abundance of possessions, is not genuinely happy and feels an emptiness in his heart. He tries to suppress and forget this feeling; however, his attempt is only a form of denial that keeps him from discovering what is bothering him and making him feel sadness and pain inside. He thinks he has everything this world can offer: health, love, wealth, power and prosperity. “What else am I missing,” he silently asks himself. The ego replies, “You have to work harder and accumulate more possessions so that you are not hopeless and helpless. That will fill the emptiness in your heart.” “Yes, you are right. I should work much harder and get more possessions. Maybe that is what I’m missing. Thank you very much.”Unfortunately, it satisfied him only temporary. Now what? The ego had the same old things occur again. “You continue to work harder; you must discard your rivals. I guarantee that you will feel better soon.” But, he knew in his heart that he could not believe the ego.

It is not the material things in the external world that he seeks; rather, it is the truth and happiness that he has been spinning around trying to figure out. So, he changes the direction he is facing, regardless of the way this world is turning. This choice changes his relationship with both the internal and external world. He realizes it is the right choice. Which is the right choice? The choice that he makes inside instead looks for something from the external world and the answer never seems to be clear to him. He finds the direction that he seeks always turns to look inside him.

But, he realizes that he should not make the mistake of jumping ahead to any conclusions, such as, “he already knew that.” He knew that if he did so it would close the door to this whole new understanding about to be opened to him. Although at this stage he did not know where the missing puzzle piece was, in his mind he knew there was a higher potential. It is a potential higher than his perception. There is a great feeling in realizing that life is always open, which allows him to remain open to developing a relationship with the higher power, God. God is always waiting for us to develop an intimate relationship with Him. “Follow your heart to do whatever you desire, for everything else is secondary” Steve Jobs As we have learned through our personal life experiences, the secret life is experienced through the journey within and is affected by our unknown inner relationships. These interplays mastermind everything before anything transpires in the physical world. Our feelings, emotions, thoughts, notions, and endless energies are responsible for everlasting life, and they are aware of the innate being that dwells in us all. The innate being that lives in us is powerful and everlasting, unlike our physical body, which will perish someday.

Our souls not only navigate our journey, but they also hold a divine connection and are aligned with God. The greatest being dwells within us. This unseen, innate being is a part of God. It is the true nature of God: spiritual energies that are dwelling in us and are omnipresent, although we cannot see them due to our physical limitations. This relationship with the Divine being serves us well in everything we pursue. It is the innate being that has changed us, so we do the right thing. It is the awakening of our spiritual beings that changes our awareness to do and see things differently. First it shows us we are in a relationship; then it empowers us to change. Think a moment. Every lesson we have learned and every trouble we have experienced in relationships is from investing ourselves in an opposite direction because we did not follow the inner advice. Rather, we listened to the Ego-self and did things recklessly, without considering the welfare of others. We learned some, but then we unconsciously repeated the same old mistake again.

We think our external world relationships are perfect and all things are under our control. We believe we can master our own lives instead of seeking advice from an unknown power that we cannot see or feel but rather trust in faith. We attempt to go our own way without listening to the inner self, thinking that the external world is perfect even without seeking advice from the Source within. We attempt to change the force that created us because we do not listen until the force echoes to us. Do we need more evidence to show us its existence inside? Then we start to understand what we have to lose by applying this unknown power to guide our lives.

We want to recreate an inner relationship with something that we have missed for years. We are here, and we think we are here permanently, but our time is only temporary. Our final destination is a return to the nothingness with the Divine. What a relief when ultimately we discover our relationships are not with the external world but with the inner world. The inner world directs and manages both worlds. We thought we could depend on the external world, but our calculations were wrong. We experienced disappointment, but luckily we realized it now instead of regretting it later. All fears, worries and anxiety cannot bind us to our own without being made aware by our inner self. When we feel emotions, it is our inner self telling us something is wrong or warning us to change course before it is too late. In fact, it is our physical being that makes us unaware of the hidden relationship with the Divine within.

As we awaken to this truth, we should pray to God and thank Him for everything that we receive and will continue to receive, and we should ask Him to guide our lives until eternity. In fact, we have been driven to look in the same senseless direction during our lives without being aware. We discover that we no longer seek because we have been unconsciously presented as having become all we can be. It is at this point when our true relationship with God begins. This longing never stopped; it was just waiting for us to invite its power into our hearts.

When we walk away from life’s false relationships, we receive the return of the relationship we have with the Divine. Our hearts have the power to transform. If a person had a set of relationships on the exterior that provided emptiness and longing, he will come to the point of longing for a special relationship that he only knows from within. It is one he cannot receive in the mortal world. Then, he will not need to seek any longer. No place he has been can give him the peace to fill the gap of his emptiness. He has been seeking in the wrong place and has made many mistakes. Life has had ups and downs. He does not need to be at this stage anymore. He can relax now as he discovers a place that can give him love and peace. This place is within the core of his heart. Now he is singing his song to the Divine, knowing he is no longer isolated. The gap inside has been filled. He knows it is not an act.

This truth is reflected from his heart to the exterior world. It is a relationship beyond the influences and distractions of this world. Before you awaken, you are blind, but the inner eye allows you to see the subliminal relationship that you are unaware of during your spiritual sleep. You must awaken your sleeping self. Although you may believe that your conscious self is more powerful than the sleeping one, this is not true. You have unconsciously refused to accept the inner being that is actually stronger than the self. God is always present in our hearts. He may be out of sight, but He is omnipresent, inside and outside you, above and around you. When you feel the silence in you, you see God’s omnipresence. On the other hand, He will not emerge when there is conflict and strife in your heart. You have to uncover yourself and remove the veil … only then shall you see God. There is no separation. God is not missing from your life; instead, you have to eradicate whatever is standing between you and God’s presence.

Our lives are not supposed to unfold with each individual walking through a temporary, uninviting mortal world alone. We are continuously part of an ongoing soul journey, representing God and the fulfillment of God’s work on this planet. We are not alone because God has never forgotten us. He has bestowed every one of us with blessings. Our circumstance may be different, but our soul purposes and meanings are the same: to be content, confident and complete, fulfilling each moment, guided by a compassionate, invisible spirit and feeling truly happy. The spirit can reach and teach us in way beyond words and comprehension, but we need an open mind and open heart to allow us to receive the message. This inspirational message will reach the place deep within us, where it is intended to change our attitudes.

Do not be afraid to allow the truth to strike you. What does the truth mean to you? Whether it is a simple story you hear or something you read in a moment of personal crisis, do not panic when you learn what life is trying to show you about reality and about yourself. When this spiritual lesson strikes your heart, it is intended to tell the truth about your current situation. You cannot deny it. Accept it. It is a guiding light that will help you, not harm you. No harm can be done to you because what you will do is inspired by the source from above.

From a physical perspective, you may not be aware that you are being guided by the invisible spirit, but, in fact, you are standing in the right place at the right time to do the work that you long for. The reality of your life will just spring up before you, and joy and happiness will start to overtake you so that you feel a contentment and stillness in your compassionate heart like you have never felt before. In fact, it is guaranteed to lead you consistently, with no struggle or fight; it will leave you full of hopeful expectation and meaning. You think that everything that falls on your path is supposed to be within reach, which is why you must not be afraid to let this inner truth strike you.

Truth is reflected within you so that you like what you do; it heals everything you thought would confuse and perplex you or make you afraid. Once you settled in an unknown, shocking environment, you probably felt excited and scared at the same time, but that’s your normal response to the external world; you can always wait for that desired moment to emerge, even though you see the problem, but you are not too shy to ask for help. You know you do not know everything unless everything is revealed. When you ask for help, your prayer can begin to be answered. When you receive the help that you need, you will see beauty and will see there’s such a thing as unconditional love around you, as well as truth and compassion.

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You know these wondrous things exist above and beside you, and then you look at the world inside you. What do you see? You see inner peace and contentment. You must not turn away from the trouble, as it is part of the circumstances you must walk through before you see the light transpire. You must tell yourself before you see a colorful landscape that there are missing puzzles to be filled and other things you have to do before the transformation. Then, when you look at it again changed, you will not feel pain anymore; you'll feel complete and will no longer be lonely. At any age, when you look at your world, you can have a conversation with yourself: “I do not like the world I see. If I could be somebody else, I would be happy.” A voice replies, “Why do you want to be someone else instead of yourself?" “I do not know. I guess being someone else will make me feel good,” you say. The voice replies, “You don’t see yourself well, do you? Otherwise, you would never imagine you need to become someone else." "I thought…maybe I could do better," you reply. “You thought! Do you really think you can do better when you're in control? Do you think you can get organized?” You have not seen the whole canvas. You continue debating with yourself when you know these inner conversations will not be over until you change your inner focus and you understand your true feelings about the world around you. Stressful moments do not come from the outer world but are produced by your individual reflections. You see the reflection of your image wherever you go, which offers an important lesson: can you handle looking at the world you have created?

How many of you feel like you are important and that people will come to see you? The world you feel within is the world you reflect on the outside. You create your own image through inner statements, such as "I am poor," "I am a millionaire," or "I am nobody." You know the drill, but do you let this self-proclaimed and self-created image trap you in the world you made? Do you feel trapped in life? You are trapped in the world you made in your own self-image. The worlds you experience are reflected the moment you introduce yourself to another. When you live in a world where you feel confined, sorrowful, full of anger and envy, you perceive yourself being betrayed by others; you need to run for your life. You fight and struggle with everything and everyone you encounter. These internal struggles are projected to the outer world. You condemn the disharmony and misshapen world that you have made for yourself. Because you think the world is unfair to you, you turn it around and trick others and take what’s theirs. Perhaps you have become so adept at trickery that they give you what is theirs and thank you for it. You become aimless, you run faster but do not get anywhere; you accumulate more but have less. Being a cuckold and a rogue to others does not mean you are smarter or more ambitious than they are. You continue to go deeper in your deception, using people for your own gain and joy and to alleviate your feelings of incompetence. You feel no remorse. Why should you care? You are living well—or are you? You thought your problems were solved, but you do not see your real troubles. You build your happiness on the backs of other people. You are not solving the problems in your own world; you cannot see into your own world. You do not recognize your real problems as you live your cunning life. You forgot you are an infinite being in the mortal world. You use your own selfish mind to trick others. You carry the ugliness to the outer world unknown to you; you do it to yourself as well. You observed the ugliness of the world inside and now do it unto others and believe it is reality. Your prayer is answered. You robbed others and will be punished by your own karma eventually; your prayer will be returned to you threefold. No one can escape the individual cause of action. You must pay a price for what you cause to happen to others.

There is a duality in the world in which you dwell; hence, everything is two-sided. You will taste the negative as well as the positive. If you do well to another, you will receive a higher return from the spirit. You create your own reality; you are the world of your individual truth. You are the observer and the observed at the same time. You are also being observed by the invisible world of the spirit. Illusion is real when you believe it is so. Whatever you do, think three times before you act on it. Do not go rogue; you are being observed by the spirit in the spirit realm, and you will hurt yourself. It will not rid you of your self-created nightmare. You must be vigilant about what you do, and maybe your next prayer will be answered in a positive yet profound way. You should pray for something you need and appreciate everything, but do not be stressed and frustrated or angry and greedy. Your own deep awareness of your world is selfless, and you see your condition begin to transform you. It brings you slowly back to your original state as a spiritual being, finally learning from within through the spirit in meekness. Can you help me, my soul? You will be able to see what you wanted to see. Because you humble yourself and ask, the spirit helps you. When you ask for help, you have asked sincerely and have spoken from your heart. You submit and confess that you need help. You do not know how to convert your dual world into the one you want to see. What happens after you ask for help? The moment of your submission your inner and outer worlds converge into one. Help is on its way. You see the way you want to see. Any submission is corrected from the moment you request it. You cannot receive help without inviting help from the spirit and being willing to receive a special relationship. You must cast away your pride before you can develop this relationship. Your request for this admission is your wish for correction. Because of this change, it is acted out in that moment. You bought into something that you were not in a relationship with previously.

Now you have created a beautiful relationship with your own inner world, and you see continuous changes. Now an answer comes to you. It becomes yes, you can. One of the unseen barriers is that you do not understand every aspect and create problems in the world. Thus, you are the problem. However, you can develop a solution and break the iceberg apart. No one in the mortal world has a solution better than yours. You know you hold the answer inside. A positive aspect of the spiritual approach is that although you know your physical limitations, you are consciously connected with your authentic self through spiritual strength and the power within, which can help you resolve every problem. Every thought becomes coherent, and you consider all options before transferring the solution to the physical world and make it your reality.

Prayer works because it comes from your spiritual heart. In your prayers, you admitted you need help and relinquished your power to the Source, immediately creating a relationship between the higher self and you. Because your troubles become the Source's problems as well in this intimate relationship, the Source must help you through your prayers. Consequently, things will begin to transform. Your adverse situation will get better and verify that both the work and words of God are good. However, prayer without a genuine connection to the Source is less than perfect. Although it is presented as genuine, it is not real. When you recognize the presence of God within yourself, you will be in harmony with Him. Then, you will see all of your prayers answered. The reason your prayer is answered is because you are related to God. Being submitted to God means you obey and follow God’s spirit. You no longer experience fear and worry because you can talk to God directly whenever you need to do. Because you know you are always consciously connected to God, you are calm and content. As you are always connected with God’s spirit, it provides you with wider approach through which you can discover many wonderful things and receive inspirational messages to dissolve your troubles at any time and in any place because you are aware the true nature of prayer, and you recognize your infinite soul is aligned with God’s spirit in one source. Because of this, you arrive with higher understanding, and your prayers are always answered. You know where to submit your prayers to the Kingdom of God, the dwelling place of God’s spirit. But, truly, do you really know exactly where the King’s Kingdom is? Don’t you know that the Kingdom of God is within everything?

Do you understand that the Universal Creative Life Force is inside you? You dwell within God’s spirit. If you do not know that, then you do not know God. Perhaps you thought God is living in the fifth dimension, which is distant from all of us. No, it is untrue. God is never separated from us even after we came here. God is visible, invisible and everywhere, though you may not see Him; however, when you see yourself in the mirror, it is God you are seeing. God is all understanding and omnipresent, omniscient and all-that-is powerful. If you are contemplating how God is still separated from you, now think about your ten fingers. Your ten fingers are seemingly separated from each other; however, in fact, they are closely connected and related to each other like every cell, blood vessel, organ, and heartbeat; your entire body must be connected, so everything will function correctly, so you can live.

The limited idea and sense in the physical world that has been mistranslated by people in the past and in the contemporary world has then been embedded in our belief system to become part of the whole untrue story that God is distant from us, leaving only the memory that God is beyond reach and nowhere to be found. In fact, when your mind is at peace, you shall see God. God is who you see Him as. The translation is at rest in you to help you understand who He is. I said earlier that when you stand in front of the mirror, God is who you see. Each individual has different translations regarding who God is and who God should be. For you to understand more about God, you must know where you come from. When you were in the spiritual realm, you dwelled in nothingness and were always with God.

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You always connected to God, so you must like where you came from. You flew freely in heaven. You had no attachment and emptied everything. Now you're ego doesn't bother you. You are absolutely a free spirit. You dwell in a place every moment that is perfectly presented. However, things have changed since you converted from nonexistent to existent. You see that all things have been changed from invisible to physical. Even how you approach things has become more intense. You no longer approach things with ease and love but rather are more ambitious, despite things sometimes having no meaning and purpose. You understand that physical life on Earth has limitations; the moment life is gone, it is gone forever. You observe people grabbing as much as they can because they have been told that what they see is what they get, and they only have one life to live. Do they know what they are doing? Why do they need to accumulate so many things that they cannot take with them at the end of their journeys? They do not see the truth about the physical world; all things are illusions and are temporary. We are guests living on planet Earth. All things are loaned to us by God. You are a temporary keeper of his things. When the appropriate time comes, we will return to nothingness and convert back to a spirit; hence, we do not really need anything on Earth but enough to live comfortably. This is the truth. We see our physical world. We observe everything happening in the now.

The now is timeless, and we understand our present moments through our senses. You know you exist and are real, at least for now. The infinite soul exists forever and has no end and no beginning. God created Heaven and Earth completely and perfectly. Nothing else needs to be done or undone. So, God’s world is all that is. God created all possibilities and the past, present and future. The time is timeless and place is nothingness. They are created for eternal purposes and everlasting extant. They evolve by themselves within the consciousness, in the here and now. Everything in the physical world has gone and will never come back. Maybe it is true. It is possible that we do not see this with our physical eyes. But, in a spiritual sense, it still exists. You do not receive the signal in your brain telling you the thing exists, because you do not see it. For example, you see the birds flying in heaven when they flow through you to another dimension. You not seeing them anymore does not mean they are not there.

The signal in your brain and eyes was disrupted; hence, you did not see them. You just feel a sense of losing it. But, the reality of who you are cannot perish and will last forever. When you feel calm and content in the immediate moment, you are connected with God. You know God is within reach because He always dwells in our spiritual hearts. The next time you feel angry and agitated, know that God is not there. God is consciously present when your mind and heart are at peace. You will reconnect with God whenever you want to, at any time and in any place. You will never lose that relationship with God. How well you connect with God depends on the relationship you build with yourself. If you love yourself, you also love God and everything God creates. You build a relationship with Him and then in Him. You must continue to invoke, invite and welcome God in. In the beginning of this relationship, reunions with your inner self were just an exchange, where you humbly submitted yourself to the inner world to ask for help. However, the moment you admitted you were incapable of handling things, you could see the possibilities of the real world. Though you may not see this new transformation instantaneously; you get to see a revision.

Your life is shifting in a way that works, and your understanding is deeply strengthened within. This is only the partial truth until you transform it to the physical world so that it becomes the peaceful ally of your life. You still remain the way you are because you think your way works. The notions come to you; you are the one who made the world, and you see it work. In other words, you are the one responsible for your own script; no one can write that script for you. You may be reluctant to see that through all these years, you have created many canvases that were unpleasant; after everything you have done for yourself, you still can see what is unpleasant and unwanted on the landscape of your life. However, if you are smart enough, a certain point comes where you no longer want to see or endure that ugly landscape in your path. As that path reverses, you begin to see the truth; a new vision emerges, so you follow the source whose light rescued you by reversing the notion that you have been unconsciously captured by an invisible, unconscious false strength. That false power was you thinking that you could depend on whatever you needed. Pause a moment.

What good is finding a strength you think can help you, but it turns out to be the opposite: It does not solve your problems but is rather another form of self-deception? What good is finding strength if it leaves you disappointed? Of course, it helps you temporarily, but there is no real solution. You must be aware that you are seeking help from the dark force that guides you deeper into the ocean until you no longer can see the light. The dark force then tells you to hang in there because soon you will do better than you ever have before. It is just another endless lie to satisfy you and to guarantee you that you will do better later. Therefore, you know you will no longer call upon that strength or any other kind of strength. In fact, what you need to do now is accept change. Where can you get that change? The quest becomes wearisome to you. Just look at what you have been doing repeatedly, and that is not the worst part; you start running out of things to fill your time. Remember that your true nature has been activated, and you have never closed the part of your inner self that seeks help. Because your inner self cannot help you unless you invite it to.

No matter how cruel the outer world is, you can seek help from your inner self at any time and place. The truth is that your authentic self is always there for you, but you must ask. When you get to the point that you're exhausted, you can always go back to your own source; you are always welcome, but your request must be genuine. The request must be genuine, not full of hopes and dreams. It must not be based on wants and desires. It must come from your compassionate and nonevil heart, the heart that speaks the truth, and the heart that cannot be lied to by your conscious mind, saying, “Someday you will be wise and powerful.” What amounts to a genuine request for help? Should it be like that "knock and the door shall be opened" that Jesus talked about? Ask and help will be given. Jesus cured the blind man because he asked Jesus to cure him. This miracle had to do with a sincere request for help and coincides with the Universal Laws of Allowing. You are free to do anything within the law of the physical world, and no one can interfere with what you do unless you ask for help.

So asking means you genuinely ask, “Can you help me?”You surrender yourself at the point you ask. Thing will start to take shape, and you will begin to see a transformation in your life. You have sincerely asked for a new, changed life. However, you must continue to work with your higher self until you see the truth within yourself. Now you can ask a simple question, such as "I want to change the world I created. Can you help me?" Your higher source is waiting to help you, but you must ask. Similarly, God is waiting to be asked. When God rips away your old life, this does not mean that you have a special power or strength to do whatever you want to rather than building a special relationship with God; you cannot go back to your old strength or follow in someone else's footsteps. You leave behind all your weaknesses, including negative thoughts and emotions, and lean on the full power of God's strength and breathe and shine through God. You continue to grow and evolve and live an infinite life rather than the finite life in the material world.

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Real spiritual life means casting off the old and substituting it with the new spiritual growth; you no longer want to be what you once were. Whatever you do now, you do it from within, even though somehow it may be seen as unrealistic or beyond reach. Do not doubt, but remember to knock, and the door will be opened. The option is always open to you with no questions asked. You will get through that door; if you stand there, you will receive the help that you need, and all will become transparent. That’s the spiritual path. It is your spiritual life, and you do not need to consult with anyone in the physical world about it.

You can do it on your own accord; you do it from within because God is in you. You learn to surrender your troubled life to God. After a while, you will begin to see that surrendering your life to God is essential. It is the only way; there are no other ways. When you see the way, the rest will take care of itself. Most people do not know that they have an innate nature that walks with them and guides them in a spiritual journey on the planet Earth. This innate nature does not want anything for itself. It simply navigates your journey silently and advises you by issuing an invisible invitation as it sees fit. Souls that listen will be rewarded for eternity after the journey here is done. That said, each individual life creates a different spiritual journey that is unknown until it is revealed at the end of day. The journey to fulfillment continues as each individual embraces and express the possibilities in his or her own life. Connecting to God’s gift of this individual spiritual experience happens through one’s awareness of it, as the traveler is willing to transform and assume responsibility for his or her own actions. What does that mean to you? It means that life is not going to be easy. Reality is not knocking at your door, giving you everything while you do nothing.

In reality, life is a journey of learning. Your life itself is the center of this experience, surrounding you at all times and moving you forward. Can this be fair? Absolutely! It is fair, and it is just. God treats every individual equally and fairly, without judging. He gives each individual soul freedom of choice and free will. What the spirit requests is what a person will receive. There is no reception outside the scope of any requests that you make. Hence, if you are angry, if you are stressed, or if you are frightened, you are stepping outside of your spiritual zone. You carry these feelings with you at your own risk and of your own accord. You have asked what pain comes with these requests; you do not know what you are manifesting. Each of these events comes with a story created and requested by you. God will not condition them for you or make these pains go away.

If you work with your authentic self and see each event with your spiritual eyes, these undesired events shall not occur due to the fact that you are conditioned. You do not understand that what you do punishes you and produces pain. You then submit your prayer to God and ask God to remove your pain, which God cannot do. God cannot change conditions based on the scenario that you create. You must make changes yourself to your current conditions and see your life improve before you submit your prayers to God so that he can continue to change you and improve your life.

You must understand what you request and not wait for more punishments because you do not understand yourself. You cannot improve your life without self-knowledge. Knowledge is wisdom. In other words, if you know you are living in the dark but continue to do so, asking God to change you will not do. Your ignorance keeps you doing things that are unwise. There are no excuses for living in the dark or sleeping with the devil. You can’t say you do not know what you are doing or that you do not see where you are wrong. Could you be excused if you kept on taking illegal drugs, knowing that they will kill you someday? The answer to your prayer is . You die at your own peril. You are sorry for your own cause of action, but it is outside the realm of what God will help you with. You manifest this condition yourself, and you receive what you ask for.

At every moment, you risk losing your physical life. You cannot blame anyone but yourself. Actually, you see it all in your own inner world, but you do not want to change it. You activate this unwanted, undesired condition, and you understand it. You do it every day without changing the role you play, causing conflict, confusion, and misery. Your prayer is in response to this self-created misery you see within. It is created by the certain understanding that with every action you make you cause your own life to become either more difficult or easier. That is why we are all unique individuals; we create our own landscape and canvas.

So if you ask God to change your life then you must know what is in the life you bear. You should give God thanks for a good life. Your life is improving and you are in good shape. You have shaped your prayer into what God wants to hear from you. The great God will then send more of the good things that you deserve. You get what you ask for, an answer that you promised yourself, and will see your condition change and improve. Because you accept yourself as already being in a decent condition, from that decent condition can grow a secret extension of that optimistic confidence. You pray in this way: Every day, in every way, I have more and more confidence that my life is getting better and better. I enjoy everything I have received and will receive. Thank you, my great God. I appreciate you. This shows that you allow your confidence to draw from within to improve the conditions that you bear in this life.

This is a petition that you submit to God so that God knows you are good instead of complaining or submitting to an adverse situation that you cannot live with. This prayer, along with your work on inner self- help, will put you into a perfect relationship with the things that you hope for. When you begin to love and embrace life, you will realize that that is what your life, being here, is for. You are here because your infinite self has a mission on Earth. There is nothing truly real but your soul. Your current state awakens your soul to begin an inner journey. You are possessed of something that is temporary; that something, your body, is your refuge that you possess. However, there is no difference between you and that temporary state. That state and the real you (your soul) were created at the same time. The soul and the state are one and the same. Would you like to receive miracles from God? First, you need to know that God’s spirit is eternal and His miracles are eternal, perfect and permanent. If you understand this, then you can expect and experience as many miracles as you like, within yourself.

Careful observation of all incoming and outgoing visitors to your inner self is your own personal miracle. What is a miracle? According to the Encarta Dictionary, a miracle is “an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God.” A miracle is something that we cannot comprehend, and no human language can explain exactly what it is. For example, your cup of tea in the morning is an instant miracle because in your inner state you want a cup of tea. That miracle just happens to pass through you. It happens so quickly that you did not recognize that a miracle was occurring. You are not aware of it because it processes and manifests at the same time. It travels through your inner self and is transferred to your external self so that you can enjoy it. Think about it. Isn’t that what you want?

Miracles can also manifest through the emotion of joy. Joy is only temporary and evaporates quickly once it is achieved. For example, buying a new notebook computer can bring you joy and excitement, but after a while the feeling disappears. The temporary condition that created it has changed, as it must eventually do. You are left wondering“Where did my joy go? What happened to my happiness and excitement?” It’s gone because the authentic self that was connected for a time and created the feeling has disappeared, too. You find yourself trying to recover that feeling. You want to get back that joyful moment. You want there to be more. So you look for it again. You start another cycle of accumulating more stuff and more money. If I have more, it won’t leave me, you think. Yes, it will. Do not forget that you are living in a dual world; you always have the opportunity to taste two sides of your life.

Do not be afraid to go along with that negative presence that you feel even if you consciously refuse to accept it. As soon as you experience the negative, the positive will emerge. When the good times come, you forget what had upset you in the past because life moves on and changes all the time; it won’t stay at one stage forever. It has to change to fit into the dual world system, and the wheel of fortune just keeps turning, as the world continues turning, too. No one knows what will happen next. I don’t know; only God knows. That’s the truth. Do not give up what you want in your life. Take the time to look inside yourself to see what you like; if you do not like change, you won't allow it inside you. You should start every moment conscious of your inner state. Your consciousness of your inner state allows you to express yourself to the external state but not be dominated by it. It is the same as if you are asking God to allow you to dwell within Him. To this request, God will always say yes. You stand on firm ground until you return home to God. Your soul will then return to eternal nothingness. Your life now translates into the realm of infinite from finite. Your soul is forever set free.

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