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Why Ifeanyi Ubah is the best choice for governor

26 October 2013, 10:29 Nwosu Chukwuemeka

In this article, we provide an insight into the antecedents of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, which reveals his “unmatchable” humanitarian care and philanthropy at community, state & national levels of life. We also catalogue his achievements and contributions, in his personal and business life, as well as at the community, state, and national levels of developments.

As most readers of this article must have heard before, Ifeanyi Ubah was a man of humble beginning, morally well raised up as the son of a principled and disciplinary teacher, that grew up to solemnize a happy marriage blessed with five (5) children, and, who, single-handedly, within the last eight (8) years started his corporate business life, and expanded it to a successful conglomerate of business empire, that is today called ‘Capital Oil and Gas Industries’-which is the largest private business setup in the Oil and Gas sector of the Nigerian economy.

A visionary leader

This enviable record of international business success has bestowed on him a proven track record in visionary personal and corporate business management, as well as the exhibition of great leadership qualities in his contributions to the socio-economic, religious, community and traditional matters of this great Nigerian nation.

Ifeanyi Ubah’s manifesto is a visualization of the future of anambra state. In character, Ifeanyi Ubah has the natural instinct for the management and control of men, in private and corporate business, which shows that the powers of organization and leadership are at his fingertips. As a man with so much self-control, he will make his natural leadership qualities to bear on the good governance of Anambra State. With or without the backing incentives of Federal allocation in the governance of a state, Ifeanyi Ubah, who has already visualized the socio-economic potentials of Anambra State, is expected to exhibit his rational instinctive courage of a foresighted achiever-which is evident in the successes of his business ventures-to make faultless decisions in the execution of his ‘Action Plans’-that documentary roadmap in his Manifesto-which he envisages to use and take Anambra State to the glorious future.

A community hero

In recognition of these excellent achievements, people of his community, in Otolo, Nnewi, Anambra State of Nigeria, have come to see him in their mirror as a “god”, whose selflessness contributions to their well-being is awesome; and with whom they are always at peace; and for whom they give their true love, loyalty, and brotherliness; by thronging to his village home to celebrate all notable socio-political, religious and traditional occasions with him, in his home-mini-stadium that can comfortably accommodate thousands of local residents of elders, brothers, sisters, and resident visitors to the town of Nnewi. This rare community loyalty and followership which Ifeanyi Ubah enjoys as a spontaneous response of his enthusiastic people is effectuated by his selfless interest in the well-being of others, which he has been demonstrating in large-scale philanthropic services, sponsorship of traditional activities that are aimed at the preservation of the community’s cultural heritage, and the stupendous offer of financial assistance to local and state governments in Anambra, for the construction of critical infrastructure and provision of amenities in health, sporting, religious, traditional, social and political environments.


And talking more about this his landscape of philanthropic services, Ifeanyi Ubah has been marked out as the most prominent man of Catholic Church decent, who voluntarily assists Catholic and Anglican churches in the construction and furnishing, or reconstruction and refurbishing, of cathedrals in Anambra State (more information on his philanthropy to religious bodies will be found below in this article).

Business integrity

Let us divert a little, and take a short look at his business life. Ifeanyi Ubah initiated, created the concept and “mental image” of his corporate business; built it into an establishment, and managed its astronomical growth into a gigantic conglomerate, called ‘Capital Oil and Gas Industries’. When he started this company about 8years ago, he demonstrated his business mindset by beginning the pursuit of his undertakings with:

·         Known personal, corporate and community identities

·         Known personal, corporate and community contact addresses   

Nothing was hidden about him from the beginning; thus reflecting his upbringing background for credibility and reliability in personal and corporate relationships, to underscore his business integrity. These values of his good upbringing were fundamental to his excellent practices and success in business relationships; as old as eight (8) years ago, when he had not even contemplated the idea of political practice cropping-up later in his life.

Ifeanyi ubah, would not; and cannot, after all these years of brilliant business performance, achievements and accumulation of stupendous wealth from private business ventures- that were all never connected with the  awards or executions of government contracts sponsored with public money-allow his business conducts to degenerate into any fraudulent practices. His global business was already ringing its success bell, and needed no stupid fraudulent practices for more enrichment.

He is a man that is very thankful to God for ‘His’ everyday blessings to him as his heavenly ‘father’, and, therefore, so satisfied with the attainment of the ‘Golan height’ of his global business, that he needs no unclean business connections to ill-gotten wealth.

Why Ifeanyi Ubah is the best choice

Ifeanyi Ubah is a successful global business mogul, who is selfless in his relationships with people, local communities, institutions and governments. He is seen as an epitome of true philanthropy; a visionary leader of men and great manager of private, national and global business concerns. He is a man with an absolute corruption-free mindset-which is rare to find in the Nigeria political landscape in the face of flagrant embezzlement of public funds by elected state governors. Therefore, in aspiring to govern Anambra State,

His pledges:

·         He promises accountability and transparency in all governmental transactions-so, Anambra State Government funds will never fall short of a kobo in his hands as the governor of the state.

·         He also pledges the total execution of his ‘Action Plan’-the Freedom Plan-that will lead Anambra State to the glorious future, as follows:

·         The empowerment of youths and the schooling population with opportunities for educational advancements in all categories of manpower needs of the state.

·         The creation a hunger-free, agriculturally driven food production economic base for the state.

·         The setup of an expanded and effective health-care delivery system.

·         The establishment of an industrialized and economically empowered of network of towns and cities in the state.

·         The creation of productive and diversified economic bases for healthy revenue generation and developments.

·         The building of an expanded and durable public infrastructure that will be well maintained.

·         The installation of a transparent and accountable system of governance-with a reformed civil service structure.

·         The maintenance of cordiality and contributive international relationship with Anambrarians in the Diaspora.

·         The security of lives and property in all environments; secured with enhanced security systems and forces.

His word is his bond

This is his pledge before God and man (the voters in the November 16, 2013, Anambra State, gubernatorial election. 

Now, let us specifically look at his contributions to Anambra State, and other states in the South-East, which makes him more deserving to be elected as the governor of the state, before any of the other contenders:

Anambra and other South-Eastern states

1.      He built the biggest ICT Centre in the South-East, at the University of Nigeria (UNN)

2.      He constructed a Canadian style Hostel accommodation at Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Unizik), Awka.

3.      He renovated St. Philips Anglican Church, Ogidi, preparatory for the mass service slated for the burial of the late famous writer/novelist: Chinua Achebe in 2012. This exemplary contribution earned him the commendation of Mr. President: Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

4.      He contributed the sum of N60M for the building of the Anglican Bishop’s Court in Anambra State. This financial assistance to the Anglican communion of Bishops of the Niger West, also helped in the   reconstruction and refurbishing of the Cathedral at the Bishops’ Court.

5.      He renovated St. Peter’s Catholic Church in his hometown or community, Otolo, Nnewi, for their centenary celebration.

6.      He is the sponsor of the Diocesan Cathedral, which was built with 128 unground tombs for future burial of priests who may serve and die and die in the Diocese. This cathedral has thirty-four thousand (34,000) sitting capacity for worshipers in the Diocese.

7.      He sponsored the “All Catholic Boys Organisation’s (CBO) football competition in Anambra State.

8.      He sponsored thirty (30) christains on pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the month of August, 2013.

9.      He, daily, offers free fuel to Okada riders in Nnewi town, which is released to these cyclist operators from 6am, beginning with an early morning prayer for ifeanyi Ubah and the good people of Anambra State by the beneficiaries.

10.  He possesses several road construction equipments, which he specially purchased and used for the  reconstruction of a 20km road at his hometown, Otolo, Nnewi, This road was well graded and tarred with interlocking stones, and provided with good drainage system covered with cemented slaps and installed with street lights.   

11.  He currently placed and sponsors 166 Anambra Students on scholarship for different areas and levels of education, using his platform of ‘Ifeanyi Ubah foundation’ to oversee the scholarship program.

12.  He acted swiftly in the year 2011 by sending two 92) aircrafts to airlift and save the lives of a great number of Igbo Youth Corpers from dangers of harm and sudden death due to the  post-election violence that engulfed Bauchi State.

13.  He was the first of all successful business magnets in Anambra State to bring the NNPC petroleum products Mega-Station to the state, for the benefit of the public users of fuel, gasoline, and kerosene products.

14.  He donated over 800 assorted equipments to the rehabilitation centre for people with disability in Anambra State, which their union leader: Mr. Cosmos Okoli, acknowledged through a press release.

15.  He sponsored the visitation of a medical team of 15 foreign doctors from USA, who toured 12 LGAs in three senatorial zones of Anambra State, and offered free medical services, on different ailments, to indigenes and   residents in the state, as well as visitors from outside the state that availed themselves of the opportunity.

16.  He has purchased an ‘Eye Clinic Equipment’ which has the capacity to administer eye treatment services to about twenty thousand (20,000) patients within the shortest time. This special equipment is about to be launched.

17.  But before we close this angle on his philanthropy, we must also reveal that his caring gesture extended to the Widows in Anambra State, through his ‘Kerosene Direct Scheme”-where kerosene is shared to family homes to ameliorate the troubles of scarcity and higher sells costs to consumers’; and the ‘Rice for Widows’ projects-which is a similar philanthropic project to the “Kerosine Direct Scheme” explained above.

18.  Ifeanyi Ubah’s inner spirit of caring was also felt extensively by flood victims in Anambra State, in the 2012 overflow of the River Niger, and the massive rain floods that occurred in the same period.

19.  Moreover, members of the union of disabled persons in Anambra State can testify to the uplightment of their living conditions through the kind gestures of Ifeanyi Ubah to them, from time to time. Finally, give yourself a closing appreciation of his spirit of philanthropy, by asking prison inmates in Anambra State, how their incarceration conditions have been ameliorated by the well-being contributions of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to the Prison authorities in the state.

20.  He is the youngest member of the Nnewi Traditional Council, and takes great delight in sponsoring traditional activities in Anambra State, such as the ‘Offa Festival’, the ‘Afia Onu Nnewi’, and others that help to revive and maintain the cultural heritage of the people of this great state.

It will interest to know now that the humanitarian caring and philanthropic gestures of Ifeanyi Ubah are not restrict to his community or state, but also extends to all nooks and corners of our country Nigeria. Lets us take another look at some of these his rare contributions to the Nigerian society, institutions and government agencies, and the national economy; in this order below:


21.  In the Nigerian Society---Ifeanyi Ubah initiated, sponsors, and from time to time, distributes national-wide a large quantity of kerosene products to the benefit of people in all states of Nigeria, free of charge. This gesture, which has become tagged as the ‘Kerosene direct Scheme’ to the Nigerian society, has been receiving the commendation of state governors of receiving states, as well as Catholic and Anglican Bishops throughout the country.

22.  It is on record that he is the first easterner to sponsor and promote a ‘Beach Soccer Tournament in the South-East of Nigeria. This gesture was meant to sustain the spirit of love and skill development in soccer tournaments in the Nigerian society.

23.   He is known to have sponsored the international visitation of global soccer stars, such as Samuel Eto, Nwankwo Kanu, Adebayo, Ahmed Diouf, etc, to inspire the development of football talents among Nigerian youths, for the benefit of our excellent performance in future national and continental championships.

24.  Institutions in Nigeria---Ifeanyi ubah built a 167,000 sitting-capacity  ICT Centre at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna, in the year 2012.

25.  He has continually assisted in the practice and growth of the print media in Nigeria, through the sponsorship of their annual union activities.

26.  Government agencies in Nigeria---Ifeanyi Ubah, through his company: Capital Oil and Gas Industries,   donated the sum of Twenty million (N20M) Naira to the ‘Lagos State Government Security Trust Fund’ in the year 2009, to help the state government security agency to enhance the security measures for safeguarding the lives and properties of residents of the state.

27.  He constructed the best known award winning street in Lagos State; which won the community development award (CDA) in the year 2011, from the Lagos State Government Development Agency in the Ministry of Works, after being adjudged the best among other such self-or-corporate-assisted road development projects.

28.  He actively canvassed and convinced the Lagos State Government’s Environmental Development Agency to re-open the Alaba International Market in its current location, after it was slated for relocation by the agency.

29.  He built a solid and durable fire-fighting equipments complex at the Federal Trade Fair Complex in Lagos State.

30.  In the National Economy---Ifeanyi Ubah’s company: ‘capital Oil and Gas Industries’, holds an enviable thirty-to-thirty-three (30—33%) per cent operational capacity in the oil and gas products consumer business records in Nigeria. No other private company in Nigeria has even attained up to fifty (50%) per cent of this capacity which Capital Oil and Gas Industries has accomplished.

31.  Currently, he has built 32 Loading Arms-which is also an unmatched record in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry private corporate business. These loading Arms have regional Tank Farms in Suleja, Funtua, Emene, with additional building strengths in Koko and Warri towns-which makes Capital Oil to possess the largest reservoir of petroleum products in Nigeria.

32.  His company: Capital Oil and Gas Industries, owns the largest number of petroleum products conveyance trucks, marine tankers, and barges, which are being used nation-wide in the downstream sector of the national economy.

33.  With over five thousand five hundred (5,500) employees in all his corporate conglomerates, ifeanyi Ubah holds the record of being the largest private corporation employer of labour in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas business economy.

What about his post-secondary educational awards and certification?

On his personal note to end this article, we provide a brief educational profile for Ifeanyi Ubah below; above the primary and secondary levels that are not being subjected to inquisitive discourse in common places and the social media: 

·         He holds an Honourary Doctorate of Management Technology (DMT) Degree from the Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

·         He is a receiver of an Honourary Doctorate of Philosophy in ‘Critical and Creative Thinking’ from Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA.

·         He applied, attended courses, successfully completed programs, and holds the prestigious ‘Owner/President Management Program certification from Harvard University, in the year 2013. 

From the above information, it is pertinent for every right-thinking mind to conclude that: Ifeanyi Ubah, the nominated flag-bearer of the Labour Party of Nigeria, is the “Best Choice for Governor”, in Anambra State, for the November 16, 2013, gubernatorial election.

Posted by the Media Team of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

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