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Biafra, Buhari and corruption question?

13 November 2015, 15:04

One of the biggest challenges of Nigeria today is that it was founded on lies and fraud and the sustainability of one lie may require a thousand lies.This also translates to the mediocrity of the Black people and their inability to make use of their God given intellect.

In Nigeria today, one visible evidence of the black man’s choice of living a lie and a life of mediocrity is the so called anti-corruption stance of President Buhari. As much as it is overhyped and hypocritical, it is one of the most visible evidences of the mediocrity in the life of a black person and black countries.

I have studied both the pattern of this lie and the mentality of Nigerians and the utterances of Buhari himself and his adherents and can no longer hold it to be counted as someone that can be this brainless. First, I make bold to state that President Buhari does not understand the meaning of the world corruption and if he actually understands it, then he has elected to use it as a marketing buzzword and not for anything serious.

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It is a shameful thing watching lies being marketed as truth and Pastors, Imams, Lawyers, Doctors, professors, human rights activists all join the crap which on its own makes a big time mockery of the black race and exposes their inability to use their God given brains.

President Buhari has started many years ago representing the previous administration as corrupt and incompetent, a position many of us chose to ride along with thinking it was a mere campaign rhetoric. However, the corruption mantra of Buhari turned into a buzzword and now a trade mark being peddled by even the oyibos and the advanced society.

The oyibos from time immemorial are known to be masters in subjugating black people and the black people make no real efforts to resist and stand with honour and this is unfortunate.

I have been trying to understand how Buhari could jump from nowhere about three years ago to allege that Goodluck Jonathan and his team were corrupt and looting and everyone believed. The accountants, professors, lawyers, pastors, imams, name it all believed and no one could ask Buhari how he knew.

In the allegation of corruption, Buhari is neither an accountant nor a finance expert and was able to convince an accounting Professor that Goodluck was corrupt and looting. The accountants that would be quick to ask for your receipts and invoices just to claim your expenses no longer remembered to ask Buhari which figure did you use to do your calculation?

Buhari did not collate the country’s accrued revenue under Jonathan and the overhead and spend to arrive at his corruption conclusion. I have never seen where a matter of finance and money is done by guess even in the illiterate portion of society.

In Nigeria, we have so called chartered accountants, bankers and Professors of Accounting and even Mathematics and all of them believed without asking simple questions even a ten year old would ask

  1. How did Buhari know there was corruption and looting? (You cant see a bag of billions standing somewhere and know how much is in it)

  2. How did Buhari see or get the country’s accrued revenue figures?

  3. Who could have given Buhari the figures or income figures he used in his calculation?

  4. Can Buhari provide the figures he used to calculate so that our professors and accountants can re-do the calculation?

  5. What formula did Buhari use in his calculation  and who has reviewed them to see that they were indeed correct?

  6. Does Buhari have the capacity to compute figures that run into billions and trillions accurately to speak with authority that there was indeed corruption?

The shameful part of this belief system is that Lawyers in Nigeria all jettisoned their mediocrity of “an accused is innocent until proven guilty by a court” and believed that Goodluck and his team were corrupt and looting.

The Pastors and Priests jettisoned their own hypocrisy in the commandments of “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” and also believed.

The  most shameful part of that belief system was the PDP and APC Scenarios which clearly confirms that black people have a type of brain that as Fredrick Lugard rightly said “they are like animals”

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Obasanjo and Atiku were members of the PDP and President and Vice President for 8 years togethers. After the eight years, Obasanjo and Atiku both looted and built for themselves -Universities- Bell University, American University, Presidential Library, ;logistics company among others all for themselves.

Goodluck Jonathan who was also in PDP built Universities for Nigerians, power stations, Light Railways, Silos, Almajiri schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Farms for the Nigerian public.

The shameful scenario of the blackmans inability to use common sense manifested that Obasanjo and Atiku jumped out of PDP to APC(please don't tell me Obasanjo is  not an APC member) and instead of telling us about their loot and what they did with it --They told us that the looting was done by PDP.

Please look at this -The universities and properties acquired from their corruption and looting belonged to Obasanjo and Atiku, they jumped to APC and tell us that it is PDP that is corrupt? So is it PDP that owns the Universities and the ill acquired properties they have? SO WHO IS PDP?

This is as simple committing a crime of Examination malpractice, change school and come to court to say the Expo or examination malpractice was actually done by your former school but you want to keep the result.

As shameful as this is, the oyibos and their media join to propagate this positions to expose the mediocrity and inability to reason in the blackman.

Does Buhari Really Know the Meaning of corruption?

One of the biggest show of shame and visible evidence that Nigeria was built on fraud and lies is the insinuation that Buhari is not corrupt.

If we start from the most recent past, we remember that during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan the APC governors and their allies connived to stop paying their workers in order to sabotage Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.This same Governors were collecting Federal Allocation from the government but deliberately refused to pay their workers so as to blame Jonathan and turn the masses against him.

When their plan worked and Buhari was declared winner, he came up with another fraud of “bail out” funds and a so called “anti-corruption” or “corruption free” oyibo lackey of a President did not ask the Governors where they kept the monies from Federal Allocation they collected under Jonathan  during their pre-planned sabotage of the administration.

In the runup to the election, a group of Petroleum Marketers also connived to sabotage the administration of Goodluck Jonathan maintaining that a so called Subsidy Payment was corruption, and the chief hypocrite himself went on air to tell us it is corruption then.Infact when the corruption mantra was being used to sabotage the administration, Buhari himself had claimed oil subsidy payments are corruption https://youtu.be/YmG_dYY7YRA  Less than six months into the administration of the corruption free “oyibo lackey” he is now paying subsidy --Do we actually use our brains? It means then that Buhari is also corrupt or he does not know the meaning of corruption.

If we choose to ignore his denial of the campaign promises and examine his lies from a historical perspective.Let us first highlight Frederick Lugard's assessment of blacks that allows the British to use Buhari and many Nigerians as lackeys to perpetuate their black subjugation project.

His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment, and he suffers little from the apprehension for the future or grief for the past. His mind is far nearer to the animal world than the that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animals placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the State he has reached - (Lugard, 1922)

A little look at Buhari historically shows a careful mastery of the act of lying and pretence. We have heard from him and his supporters that he was not part of the coup that overthrew Shagari but was only drafted in for credibility.

As senseless as this fraud is, it is easily debunked by the fate of Major Bamidele.

Major Daniel Bamidele overheard the planned coup of Buhari and went to tell his GOC Buhari without knowing he was part of it. Buhari detained Major Bamidele until his coup was successfully executed, Unfortunately also, Major Bamidele was later executed for failure to tell anyone about the purported Vatsa coup having learnt his lessons from the buhari experience. You can read about major Bamidele at http://goo.gl/PG3PRN

Another clear evidence of how corrupt Buhari is, can clearly be seen in his ability to use the judiciary corruptly. You can see clearly why the oyibos see our education as mediocre. Again it is either Buhari does not know the meaning of corruption or he thinks it's only when a large sum of money is stolen and the oyibos use that to deceive him.

In 1984, Fela sang about the corruption under Buhari when he was NNPC boss. When Buhari became Head of state, he saw it as an opportunity to silence and criminally jail Fela. Remember also that as Fredrick lugard rightly observed about black people, Lugard said

He lacks the power of organization, and is conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of men or business. He loves the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility(Lugard, 1922)

Buhari contracted and corrupted a judge called Gregory Okoro-Idogu to help him jail Fela, guilty or not guilty. The judge jailed Fela as commanded by Buhari and later went to beg Fela explaining that his hands were tied.

Let us not spend time on the corruption in PTF under Buhari and quickly remember that he is a master at corruption using the Judiciary and getting fake judgements. This would explain why he served well under Abacha and if we remember he also must have been the brain  behind the use of a judge to kill Saro-Wiwa.

We must realize that an average Northerner of the Buhari group is brainwashed by the British and are usually obsessed with oil. Even after crude oil loses value, any perceived threat to it will be met by violence or death -thats who they are.

With Buhari as PTF chairman, we remember the case of Saro-Wiwa. All Saro-Wiwa did was to agitate for the environment to be better handled and perhaps a little of the oil wealth to be re-invested into the communities that produce them. Unfortunately, Saro-Wiwa probably did not read Fredrick Lugards book and his assessment of black people and where he said “The African negro is not naturally cruel, though his own insensibility to pain, and his disregard for life—^whether his own or another's—cause him to appear callous to suffering. He sacrifices life freely under the influence of superstition, or in the lust and excitement of battle, or for ceremonial display” -(Lugard, 1922)

Saro-wiwa was to be hanged using another corrupt judge called Ibrahim Auta to arrange the judgement. The argument that it was under Abacha does not hold water here as they worked together and Buhari was Abacha’s defacto 2ic because oil, oil and oil is the only language the average Northerns of Buhari group understand.You can watch the Saro-Wiwa case at https://youtu.be/htF5XElMyGI

For those who might want to suggest that it was Abacha and not him, what did a so called saint and corruption free person say? What did he do to the judge that was used? How long will the black people wallow in the lonely island of poverty and self inflicted humiliation of themselves?

Assuming you think Buhari could have learnt from those mistakes, you are not only dreaming but delusioned. You may recall that in the run up to the last election, after having sold the dummy of corruption to the masses, Buhari was faced with the challenge of proving it.

Did you not hear when even the Labour union demonstrated for capital punishment against looters? If you can discern, it is very easy to see that Buhari may have contracted them in order to justify another round of bloodshed using another corrupt judge.

To better understand how weird the reasoning of the blackman is - A labour union that should have been concerned about the welfare of its members joins a political movement for people alleged to have looted, with Buhari’s history of using judges to pervert justice to be killed?

In case you are wondering what is this man saying -http://goo.gl/hMpPG9

Is this not laughable and shows why black people will probably never develop with oyibo lackeys in power?

Please don't get me wrong - when a lawyer claims to be a custodian of justice, but used by Buhari who is neither a lawyer nor educated enough to be one to pronounce death sentence without facts or figures -what do you call such a lawyer?

When an accountant, who understands the granularity of accounting is used by Buhari who is neither an accountant nor a finance expert to frame another on frivolous and oyibo incited allegations of corruption - what do you call such an accountant?

When a priest or pastor is used by Buhari to lay false accusations on another, innocent per se just to attain power or perhaps murder people to the cheer of ignorant and mentally enslaved blacks -what do you call such a Priest or Pastor?

As much as black people and Nigerians have chosen to make a mockery of their education and enlightenment by celebrating mediocrity and fraud, it is safe to say- the black people will remain slaves and mental slaves for ever.

We all saw that throughout the regime of Jonathan, there were no political prisoners, but less than six months into the Buhari administration, we now have a political prisoner arrested with orders from the British. You may want to doubt that the orders were not from them but common sense would tell us that of seat numbers of Nnamdi Kanu were provided to the DSS based on his flight itinerary, I wonder how many individuals would know the DSS contact numbers? The British knows that they have a lackey in power in Nigeria and they know how to use them very well. Imagine if Mbeki was Buhari or Gowon here that was asked by Blair to help invade Zimbabwe?


Have you wondered why despite the atrocities of the Biafran war, none of the likes of Obasanjo, Gowon or Buhari has had courage to tell us what happened and how the British used their brains?

Did we not all see the Blair and British control of the likes of Buhari in the “crack NNPC to succeed” incident?


Is anyone in doubt that Buhari clearly obeyed the order by using Kachikwu a so called First class educated professional? How long more shall we celebrate lie and mediocrity? Which process and which court tried the fellow Nigerians that Buhari and his Kachikwu have sent out of jobs and confirmed them corrupt? Which part of the corruption were they part of? Did they load the ship or the crude or the British paid them the money? What did we learn from the “loophole” if indeed they were corrupt?

Do we not all know about the command of the International Oil Companies(IOCs) that Buhari should put the APC in charge of the oil producing states in return for their sabotage against Nigeria to install him?

If your eyes widened, why should any Nigerian see

  1. The group who connived to stop selling weapons to Nigeria to combat Boko Haram as friends?

  2. The group who connived to stop buying the same group they claim is the only thing black people can produce in order to sabotage Jonathan out of power as friends

  3. A group who would release a report in order to incite Northerners against Southerners?

  4. A group who have for years invested heavily on brainwashing the Northerner and sustaining divide and steal to subjugate blacks using their BBC Hausa, VOA Hausa, and RFI Hausa even when there is no clear return of investments in broadcasting in Hausa to that region - as friends?

  5. A group who incited the North to war and thwarted every effort to stop it by talking the North out of Aburi accord and Sharing in the oil as a loose federation of states?

  6. A group that tells all forms of lies and mis-information to incite violence in the North using their radio stations as friends?

  7. A group that had killed all the kings who were against slavery and when they were tired of slavery they turned around to tell us they stopped slavery as friends?

This list is unending but as you continue to support and praise Buhari, remember you are participating and partaking in the oyibo project to subjugate black people

Why has Buhari in obedience to the instructions resorted to removing the Governors in those states to install the APC as lackeys? The most shameful of blackmans choice of slavery over liberty is the Peterside of Rivers who they claim hold a PhD. Before you support crap - if the problem of the state is Good roads, does it matter who builds it? Is it not the corruption of the Judiciary by Buhari that has led to the death of many and still counting?

Anyone saying Buhari is not corrupt or is fighting corruption on the face of these overwhelming evidence is clearly mentally enslaved or basically benefitting from the lies used to form Nigerian and does not want a change or emancipation from mental slavery.

If this 1860 communication from the Bight of Biafra to the British parliament in 1860 is not enough to tell you that we are still slaves to them then you need help “The want of a person wholly unconnected with trade as Consul for Fernando Po and Rivers in the Bight of Biafra is greatly felt, and with a gun-boat attached to the division for his disposal when necessary, I feel confident we should have little or no trouble in protecting our interests, improving the trade, and keeping peace in those rivers from which the bulk of palm oil on the coast is derived" - (Bight of Biafra to British Parliament -December 22, 1860)

If we have been selling oil whether crude or palm oil since 1860, have remained poor since then, do we still need a fortune teller to tell us that these British lackeys being in power hold no promise? At a time the world attention is leaving oil, the President wants to be Petroleum minister while a better educated and more experienced person is his assistant.

For those who can discern, let's look at how much work experience Buhari has -

Buhari went to military in 1961

1962 to 1963 he went for officer cadet training in England- where the British God lives

1966 - Buhari was part of the counter coup that wiped off people of the old Eastern region from the army. The partial  list of those killed can be seen at http://goo.gl/DWIwpx

1967 - 1970 Buhari was fighting a war based on British incitement blacks against blacks

1970 - 1975 Buhari was in the military and was part of the coup that overthrew Gowon.

1975 Buhari was Governor of North Eastern state- the state was never better than others

1976 Buhari was Federal commissioner of NNPC under Obasanjo equivalent of NNPC chairman today.

1983 Buhari chased Chadian forces away

1983 - Buhari plotted a coup and removed Shagari

1994 - 1998 PTF and unemployed

1998 - 2015 Unemployed and looking for power

Where is the experience that Buhari has that makes him qualified to manage the oil and gas sector more than better professionals and technocrats? Does someone need a fortune teller to know that the only reason the oyibo and IOCs want him is the subjugation of blacks?

If you had a company - would you bring someone who has been unemployed for almost 30 years, no book, no papers published. No company and no consultancy roles just running for Presidency is your pre-qual criteria?

No wonder Nigerians celebrate increased unemployment on the altar of a so called anti-corruption fraud of Buhari saving money -saving money for who? Saving money for Nigeria while the masses die of hunger or what? Jobs are used to add value to money and putting three ministries under one person shows that Buhari does not understand that ministers are for efficiency, wealth redistribution and employment. Each minister he fails to appoint -means someone out of job if he does not know.What happens to the budgetary provisions for those ministerial positions?

At this time that oil is going down, should he have been Agric minister or instead minister for a drive to establish a “knowledge based economy” instead of the slavery economy that we have been running since the slave era?

One nigeria has not worked in 100 years and will never work as presently constituted, let us seek to emancipate the North and other Nigerians under mental slavery and aspire for a union that works. We are still looking for those who can provide a justification for one Nigeria or at least an advantage of one nigeria. The Biafra agitators have done a better job in saying we want to built a country that can compete with any other in the world, we have been selling oil for donkey years with no progress made, all black countries that sell oil are poor and will remain poor, if the North can take all the oil and let Biafra to freely operate - in a few years time the difference will be clear. The gift of a Buhari presidency by the IOCs their governments is purely a greek gift and all aimed at subjugating blacks.

The truth may not be sweet, but it is life, Nigeria was built on British lies and fraud to subjugate black people as historical evidence show. We must reason now and use our God given brain.

If anyone thinks the British are actually interested in the welfare of the North, move the Biafra motion and watch how the oyibos will handle it and kick against it.

I challenge you to find out why Somaliland has not been recognized for donkey years--research somaliland is different from somalia. Somaliland has been peaceful, it was not like Biafra where the same British incited Nigeria to war, why has it not been recognized and when will black people start using their brains?

- MyNews24

Disclaimer: All articles and letters published on MyNews24 have been independently written by members of News24's community. The views of users published on News24 are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent the views of News24. News24 editors also reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments received.

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