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Like Nnamdi Kanu, like Saro-Wiwa

28 April 2016, 10:00

We all are watching as history is repeating itself in Nigeria in the most dramatic of fashions. We may recall that after Obasanjo handed over to Shagari in 1979, the next regime was Buhari who also connived with the slave masters to accuse Shagari of corruption which has been the culture and mantra of the early independence and colonial era army recruits made white stooges and British lackeys through advanced brainwashing. We must all remember that these men went through the same colonial military ideology as Frederick Lugard and have been moulded in colonial image of black subjugation and slavery.They are blacks but think they are whites.

In much the same way today, we have after Obasanjo, Yar Adua/Goodluck and here the hawks and slave masters’ lackeys and stooges returned with their traditional shout of corruption concocted with the slave masters. As always, they are willing to lie and debase the black race to make the slave masters happy. A simple evidence of how they work with the slave masters is the allegation of corruption and so called arms money. While the defense budget of the country was about $5.8 Billion dollars, the slave master John Kerry was at the world economic forum to further debase black people as corrupt by alleging that $9 Billion dollars was stolen from a total budget of $5.8 Billion to the shame of the slave masters’ and their stooges.https://youtu.be/04BN6UOVKOM

One striking repeat of history again is the case of Saro-Wiwa being replayed in Nnamdi Kanu on the same issue of self determination. A little look at that history we remember that Ken Saro-Wiwa was an environmental activist who campaigned for self determination for the Ogonis and the ravaging of their environment for oil exploration activities. Unfortunately for Saro-Wiwa and black people, the slave masters were not asleep and shell, a big slave masters tool was able to use the government to ensure that Saro-Wiwa died for mentioning self determination.

On that occasion, when the then strong man Abacha backed by Buhari as his PTF chairman, carefully orchestrated a so called killing of Ogoni Four which they then blamed on Saro-Wiwa just to have an excuse to kill him.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NOfNnG4cXg

We remember on that occasion the slave masters stooges and British lackeys arranged first the killing of four Ogoni ‘s which they blamed on Saro-Wiwa and today in Nnamdi Kanu’s case we see how Buhari, from his experience as the PTF chairman when they killed Saro-Wiwa has arranged with his DSS that a shallow grave was alleged to have been discovered where some five Fulani herdsmen were killed and buried. As strong allies of the slave masters of Europe and America against their fellow blacks, the slave masters deployed their numerous media to help their lackeys frame and kill their fellow black for the same self determination that they killed Saro-Wiwa and twelve others for. I doubt if any right thinking person would not know that the alleged killed Fulani herdsmen must have been arranged by the DSS hence they could find and identify shallow graves in less than a few days, identify the victims even by name in a country with no meaningful record and infact the wondering Fulani Herdsmen were at that time causing their government sponsored mayhem in the middle belt axes and knowing that Kanu was from Abia state, they chose Abia state. Shamefully for Buhari at more than 70 years and his DSS, the British prime Minister and the American President who commissioned him for the job are Kanu’s mates but only have white skin or shades of it like Obama.

For those who may be in doubt that, the slave masters of Europe and America are behind the entire plot be it against Biafra or Kanu, here is Obama’s message to Nigerians before the elections- I challenge the academia and those that know including the likes of Wole Soyinka and Oby Ezekwesili, Soludo and Pat Utomi who understand research and have gone through research to tell us what Obama means by “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” in the message below for an election that is not a referendum.


This would mean keep Nigeria one no matter how many people you kill since they make money from the weapons being used.

What many of us seem to have forgotten perhaps in a hurry is that the slave masters have been working with the stooges and lackeys mostly from the North before Nigeria was created. The Northerners have always been brutal slave raiders to the Bight of Biafra and in up the Niger, we recall statements like “Three miles from the river lies the town of Illah, peopled by some 3000 Ibos, who live in continual dread of the slave raiding Mohammedans of the North (Mockler-Ferryman 1892 pg 30) https://goo.gl/y7hjKI

We watch today as Buhari is repeating his Saro-Wiwa game and unfortunately as Frederick Lugard rightly said, the African of this race type as thriftless,lacking in self control, discipline and foresight….,. He sacrifices life freely under the influence of superstition, or in the lust and excitement of battle, or for ceremonial display(Lugard, 1922 pg 69) The book is available here https://goo.gl/u0BI06

Buhari and the DSS have arranged and  killed the herdsmen(if it actually happened) as they did the Ogoni four in the 90’s to kill Saro-Wiwa, and as usual the slave masters are always working with them as you can see how all the news channels of the slave masters carried the news. I am sure no one will be surprised that they probably pre-arranged the “allegation” with the DSS and their principal who has been a master at such games in the past. We may very easily remember the case of Fela, a musician who sang against the same corruption the slave masters stooges claim to be fighting and how they engineered a similar smokescreen..

As we watch Buhari walk the same path as he did when as PTF chairman, Saro-Wawa and twelve others (The four killed to frame him plus the eight others they killed along with him) we note that no voices are being heard from human rights activists, priests, Imams, Rabbis and others who should have seen the handwriting on the wall knowing the history of Buhari and the old army recruits whose only solution to every disagreement is violence, death and bloodshed. I must not fail to remind us that contrary to the concoctions of the slave masters, the sanctity of human life was in place in pre-colonial black Africa and  Biafra and this is very easy to see from the narrative of Equiano Olaudah sold circa 1745 long before the European terrorists wrote their own lies. The Book published a 9th Edition in 1794 was accompanied by a note debunking the British lies which sort to discredit him because his story about Africa differed from that of the British and they now said he was not born in Africa See Note to the reader at https://goo.gl/YaT9FA

My questions which I wish anyone especially the educated people could answer are “When these old men go to bed, do they have any regrets or they feel fulfilled that one little oyibo boy has used them to kill a fellow black? “When will the old army recruits rise above the colonial ideology and mental slavery? Does it mean that Frederick Lugard was indeed correct where he said “In brief, the virtues and the defects of this race-type are those of attractive children, whose confidence when once it has been won, is given ungrudgingly as to an older and wiser superior, without question and without envy. (Lugard, 1922 pg 70) Now if old men like Buhari, Obasanjo and Gowon who gave such confidence to Harold Wilson as to an older and wiser superior are doing the same to David Cameron who is about the same age as Nnamdi Kanu, what has Cameron or Obama done for them to have won such confidence? I remember just after he was elected, he ran back and forth from Uk for guidance from Cameron, John Kerry and Tony Blair were running back and forth from Nigeria to help him kill or enslave their fellow blacks. All promises these little white boys made were empty promises and yet, men supposedly our fathers and grandfathers are still controlled completely by these little oyibo boys.

Do these men have honour? Incase you do not understand what having honour really means, look at it from being a brother to a mad man wearing rags in the market square, and how as a brother, you would feel when the madman(your brother is being looked at and ridiculed in the market square). Assuming some person takes a horse whip and starts flogging your mad brother for nothing, will you go and ask why? Now compare these our old men, how do you think they feel when a black child is eating from the dustbin in the US or UK or Nigeria? Do they feel the same way you would feel if your mad brother was eating from the bin or gutter in the market square? How do these old men feel when they read about the slave trade or hear how an innocent black child is shot in the US? I would imagine they would say, good job! Blacks are corrupt and stupid.To appreciate how these old white stooges and lackeys work with the slave masters to paint the blacks as corrupt - here in Kerry’s message at the world economic forum, he claimed arms were not bought because of corruption but his government imposed an arms embargo on Nigeria and prevailed on their allies not to sell arms to Nigeria. We all remember their treachery and quoting a so called Lehigh laws as their reason for not selling arms to Nigeria http://goo.gl/H8lWyN

The same savage slavemaster now claims it is because of corruption and not the arms embargo. In order to appreciate the hypocrisy in the slave master and their ability to use these old and colonial army recruits, they claimed their arms embargo is based on human rights abuses(alleged) but the same savages of America saw the massacre of shiites and responded by donating used APCs to encourage the grandpa in power to continue killing his brothers.

Another clear view of the savage slave masters’ hypocrisy is where Kerry said  if they removed oil, they would be left with countries who do not produce any other thing that the rest of the world needs. Shamefully, you will recall that the same people stopped buying oil under Jonathan and provided the lame excuse of shale oil and so on whereas the real intention was to frustrate Jonathan out of office so as to install a lackey. You can see their explanation at http://goo.gl/Ss3JdR You may need to watch why they hate Mugabe to understand their hypocrisy and how they use lackeys https://youtu.be/O_liFvNvX-Q

A good and clear indication that the slave masters are working closely with the old army recruits is the obscure human right group that has dragged Nnamdi Kanu to the ICC claiming he has committed atrocities against the state. While you might think the slave masters would live up to their creed of fairness, don't forget that they claimed they could not do without Nigerian oil if they imposed sanctions when Saro-Wiwa was killed, how come they could now do without it under Jonathan and suddenly and secretly resumed buying as soon as they pushed Jonathan out? Remember that when the Chibok screenplay happened they deployed the full weight of their media channels to blow it to the whole world to make Jonathan look weak and bad? While you might think they were doing it in good faith or genuine humanitarian intentions, I challenge you to think again, where were they when the shiites were massacred? Or the Biafrans or when the Fulani herdsmen massacre innocent civilians? It is indeed what happens when you have a bad brother who is willing to take sides with the slave masters the same way they did during the transatlantic slave trade.

Assuming we have so soon forgotten how Saro-Wiwa was murdered, have we also forgotten how the oil companies were behind it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9Gwf8UcgS0

If we have not forgotten, have we wondered what prompted Obama to talk about keeping Nigeria one in an election that is not a referendum? Do we still need prophets and seers to tell us that Nnamdi Kanu’s ordeal is being remote controlled by the slave masters and savages of Europe and America? If we are in doubt let us remember that these were the same brutal slave masters who would cut off a slave's arms and legs for trying to escape and turn around to call others who do not do such savages? Let us remember that this were the same slave masters who would not give us the Ebola trial vaccines in the hope that we all die? Let us remember that the same slave master has never brought anything good to black Africa from apartheid to slave trade and from colonialism  to mental slavery, they have never been good to us. Will those that know stand by and watch as Buhari and his DSS replay the Saro-Wiwa case with Nnamdi Kanu simply because as Frederick Lugard said the race types minds are concentrated on the moment with no regret for the past and no apprehension for the future?(Lugard, 1922 pg 69)

Who has ever seen a problem solved by these men without violence and bloodshed just to ensure that the slave masters sell their weapons? I challenge you to provide any instance where the old army recruits of the colonial and early independence era tutored on how to subjugate and destroy their brothers by the imperialists and colonialists solved any problem without violence and bloodshed. If you believe the charge of treason against Kanu, remember Frederick Lugard himself, classified you and I as animals? David Cameron campaigned vigorously for Nelson Mandela to be executed for terrorism and was supported by both Margaret Thatcher the then British prime minister and the American President - Ronald Reagan. If Mandela was oyibo do you think the savage slave masters would campaign for him to be executed for terrorism simply for asking for freedom? Why do we allow these old men who have been made “mentally white” by the slave master and blacks only in skin colour to be destroying us by sowing seeds of discord for oil that even the slave master stopped buying to frustrate Jonathan?

Let us seek to educate Buhari as he is the only one among them that can still be salvaged considering that this group have been used by every oyibo, including oyibo babies to murder blacks. Have we forgotten Odi or Zak Ibiam? Have we forgotten the brutal Biafran war incited by the same slave masters? Do we remember that leadership is similar to management and if what it takes to lead is to be killing people, the slave masters would have also been doing the same to his own brothers and sisters. I once again challenge you and the academia and all the so called human rights clowns in Nigeria to calculate the number of people killed for nothing whenever these old army recruits of the colonial era are in power and match them with that of people like Shagari or Yar'adua and Jonathan and compare our progress under these lackeys and the victims of their romance with the slave masters?  

If we must make progress, we must stop Buhari from the path of perdition that he is heading to and remind him that blacks are brothers and even if we are not, let him learn from the little boys using him to kill his fellow blacks. I have never seen where an adult will be given guns and bombs to use on his children and he is happy to do so. Let him not think that the slave masters love him more than his brothers that he would have been in the same slave ship with, no matter how many blacks he kills, no matter how many times he arrests and jails Nnamdi Kanu, the slave masters will still laugh at him behind. Is the situation different from what it was during the slave trade? I don't think so - during the slave trade, the savages of Europe would incite one group of blacks against the other http://goo.gl/8iJsHQ They even went ahead to say which slaves where better than the other(all to divide us) and then incite one to go capture the other - the Northerners have worked with the slave master long enough with nothing gained that they need to rethink their romance with the Europeans. Think about it - in all cases the slave masters smile to the bank while blacks kill themselves. When the shiites were shot, the guns and bullets were bought at huge costs from the slave masters, when the Biafrans were shot, it benefitted the slave masters. When Saro-Wiwa was killed it was to the advantage of the slave masters to get oil while the North remains poor. When Buhari donated cars to Benin republic, he created more jobs in Asia and none either in Nigeria or the Benin that he donated the Toyota cars to. When the contracts are awarded to Julius Berger, who benefits? The same slave masters and yet all we have gotten from them are lies, lies like promises made by men between the thighs of a women as though we were foolish children as alleged by Lugard.Think about it

  1. Cameron to Buhari - come to G7 with your wish list - What did he come back with? Empty hands

  2. Blair to help Nigerian Governors deliver on their campaign promises, what did he bring - nothing  http://goo.gl/416lOj Blair just graduated from Oxford in 1975 what does he know about Nigeria to be of any use to us?

  3. British government offers to help Buhari develop the Niger Delta -http://goo.gl/nj75rH What has this brought? Nothing

  4. Blair to Buhari - crack NNPC to succeed- what has that brought us? Nothing or fuel scarcity

Fake promises that you make to children are what we are still being deceived with because some adult think there is a day when Cameron or Blair will give him money to pay his children’s school fees or Obama will come and build a massive University or Technology park in his impoverished North East. Please do not be deceived by the whiteman’s inventions as the inventors are different from the likes of Blair, Lugard, Obama or Cameron.Bill Gates is not the same as Cameron just as Dangote is not the same as Buhari and Obasanjo is not the same as Wole Soyinka and so on.Take a little time and calculate the number of slaves bought by these savages and what they would have been to us. Let us remember that based on Barack Obama’s comment about keeping Nigeria one, the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, the fulani herdsmen and Buhari killings may have been premeditated.

What more can i say, a word should be enough for the wise let alone a long letter.

- MyNews24

Disclaimer: All articles and letters published on MyNews24 have been independently written by members of News24's community. The views of users published on News24 are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent the views of News24. News24 editors also reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments received.

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