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The Change we need

11 December 2015, 20:57

A look back in time shows that the wars in black Africa are incited and engineered by the oyibos. Nigerians today shout and brag about how they slaughtered and killed fellow blacks in the British incited war of 1967 -1970 without asking themselves – Can a white person do the same to whites with a black creation?

The most unfortunate part of being black is that in the USA, a white police officer will shoot you, in South Africa, fellow blacks will “xenophobically” attack and kill you and in Nigeria, the Government, police and army are more than ready to kill you.

The killing of blacks by blacks is something very common and celebrated by blacks too out of perhaps mental slavery and maybe ignorance. If we examine the issue by looking back in time, it becomes clear that the idea of black people killing themselves is age-long. 

In the purported speech by P.W Botha to the Parliament in Apartheid South Africa, one interesting line of that piece reads thus “The fact that Blacks look like human beings and act like human beings does not necessarily make them sensible humans” and it went further to say “Give them guns and they will kill each other. They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives and indulging in sex. Let us all accept that the Black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence”.

Apart from this speech, the British terrorist turned God in the eyes of Nigerians and Northerners who created Nigeria assessed blacks similarly in his book where he said “He(blacks) loves weapons as Orientals love jewels” and went further to say that blacks are also like animals with their feelings concentrated at the moment with no grief for the past and no apprehension for the future. He (blacks) lacks the power of organization and conspicuously deficient in the management and control of men or Business – (Lugard, 1922).

As close as these assessments are to the stack reality of the blackman’s way of life and thinking, another black person tried to counter it while many other black people today celebrate those that classified them as animals. It is shocking that Nigerians celebrate Frederick Lugard who classified them as animals, but vilify Nnamdi Kanu for calling Nigeria a zoo. 

In apartheid South Africa, Steven Biko tried to separate the oyibo lackeys who enjoy slavery from other blacks who have honour when he said “So as a prelude whites must be made to realise that they are only human, not superior. Same with Blacks. They must be made to realise that they are also human, not inferior”.

Unfortunately today, black people are the only people who the whites can command to kill their children and they do so with joy. A little look at most wars in black Africa shows that the wars are fought with weapons made by the oyibos while the lives being wasted are black lives –“was Botha not correct then?”

In the Nigeria – Biafra war, the same group who were oppressing blacks in the USA and apartheid South Africa were able to convince their lackeys like Obasanjo, Buhari, Gowon, Adekunle etc to take up arms provided by them to slaughter as many blacks as possible. The Biafran war remains the single most expensive war on the black people in terms of human life. The British lackeys had no honour and like any feeble minded person when incited, would know no bounds. It was the only war so far on earth that Hospitals, Schools, Churches and Markets when in session were legitimate targets bombed indiscriminately.

As Botha rightly said “give them guns and they will kill themselves” – Obasanjo, Buhari and their ilk were great at the slaughter of fellow blacks all in defence of a contraption created by another oyibo who also slaughtered and killed many black people and assessed blacks as animals.

The shameful part of the Biafran war was that the oyibos provided the British lackeys like Obasanjo, Buhari and Adekunle with the justifications they needed for every action they took. 

The British justified the starvation of innocent children during the war thus “Food is the means to resistance: it is ammunition in this sense, and the mercy flights into rebel territory, whether they take arms or not, are looked upon as tantamount to gun running.”

Brainless blacks today still blame Awolowo who had no power to starve children and like Nnamdi Kanu today, they celebrate the same British that did it while vilifying fellow blacks. Shame to black people.

It takes a foolish person to be used by the oyibos to mete out such punishment on fellow blacks.

Obasanjo, Buhari, Gowon should never be classified as war heroes for killing fellow blacks(unarmed) and we criticize the white police officers for shooting an unarmed black teen in the USA- That’s unfair.

The British justified the bombing of Schools with school children in them as legitimate bombing targets because weapons could be hidden in schools. (Another evidence of how mentally handicapped people like Obasanjo and Buhari and those that celebrate them are).

Nothing shows that blacks are mentally and intellectually inferior than these acts. To make matters worse- black people today in Nigeria celebrate the likes of Gowon, Adekunle, Obasanjo, Buhari as war heroes even when their mental and intellectual inferiority is visible and obvious. How will you feel that you have a brother who when asked by an external aggressor to shoot you, will shoot you with joy and pride?

To make matters worse, the same British today are still using Buhari another British lackey to arrest a blackman who repeated what white people have been saying. Nnamdi Kanu was arrested on the orders of the British and many Black Nigerians are happy over the arrest. 

The irony of their anger against Nnamdi Kanu is simply that he calls Nigeria a zoo when he is black because only white people are allowed to call blacks animals and are celebrated for doing that. Buhari recently refused to shake the hands of his female ministers according to him on religious grounds but the same Buhari shakes the hand of the queen of England because an average black of the Buhari and Obasanjo era and stock believe that the white man is God meaning that to Buhari – the queen is not a woman. When will black people learn and reason like humans?

Today, many Nigerians are against the Biafra agitations not because they love Nigeria, not because Nigeria is working but because the British still has the capacity to incite the black animals to slaughter themselves. The black people unfortunately lack any intellectual reasoning ability to itemize the advantages and disadvantages of the Nigeria or Biafra project. 

Shamefully, some of them say it is because of oil while others say Biafrans should be part of Nigeria because we are brothers. Many of the Biafrans had asked the Nigerians “Who will be happy to have a brother that only derives joy in killing you?” Sometimes you hear especially Northerners saying remember what we did to you in the last war, we must stay together or we do that again. 

The shameful part of the blackman’s choice of not using his brains ever is to examine the existence of the BBC Hausa service. The BBC was the de facto propaganda channel for Nigeria( a British creation) during the war. The British in their subtle nature planted BBC Hausa to further Brainwash the Northerners and keep them blind. For those who do not understand the British fraud and treachery – The Northern part of Nigeria where the BBC poisonous broadcasts are targeted is the least educated and most violent prone region. It is also riddled with poverty with a lot of children out of school. Their leaders are selfish and use the common wealth to marry more younger women and divorce older ones- a weakness being exploited by the British.

It is important to note that the Northerners will be willing to kill as many black people as they can if you threatened to stop the broadcasts to them. This is because they see the oyibos as God and feel deeply humbled that a whole BBC can be broadcasting in their language- compare this with Buhari not shaking the hands of his female ministers but would shake the hands of the queen. Historically, the Sarduana also bowed to shake the hands of the queen as shown in the pictures.. The British do not on the surface make money from the broadcasts as there are no advertisement revenue or things of such but they use it effectively to brainwash Northerners and incite them to violence. You can even compare the recent Biafra protests reported comprehensively in BBC hausa but blocked in other languages and other parts of the world.

The BBC makes every effort to mis-inform the Northerners and incite them to violence. They also are behind the ignorance with which the Northerners react to the Biafra question. Almost all Northerners today believe that Biafra was born only in 1967 when the attempt was made to restore Biafra. The British makes every effort it can to start the story from 1967 without reminding Northerners who are unfortunately not very educated that the Biafra territories and communities were there before the British terrorists arrived.

The Biafrans dealt with the more peaceful Portuguese who arrived the Bight of Biafra first and signed many treaties with them with the name Biafra or Bight of Biafra. Many have however tried to wish away the Biafra region as being outside Nigeria and carefully avoiding the portion that should answer how the Bight of Biafra can be in Nigeria and Biafra will now be outside Nigeria. The Bight of Biafra was fraudulently renamed by the British lackeys to Bight of Bonny.These are all part of the lies the British enshrined in their creature called Nigeria – ask yourself will heaven fall if Biafrans were allowed to retain their name and even remain in Nigeria like you have Scotland, Wales and England in UK?

Ordinarily, if black people used their brains well shouldn’t the Bight of Biafra be preserved as a slave trade museum as it provided nearly half of all slaves sold? It should have been whatever be the case a monument that tells the slavery story in great detail but instead Buhari, Obasanjo, Gowon and other British lackeys criminalized the name Biafra in obedience to the British terrorists turned God to Nigerians that creates. These are the same people that enslaved us and killed us oooh.

My question here remains When will black people stop being tools for self-destruction to make oyibo happy? The Biafran question is as easy as telling ourselves the truth. It is the effort of the Nigerian government to sustain the legacy of British fraud of divide and rule in the South that is making it impossible for Nigeria to function. We have Arewa, Oduduwa and Nigeria is being remote controlled not to accept Biafra. Shamefully for the blackman the same British serpent recently held a referendum for a Scotland of less than six million people to decide whether or Not to stay on as part of the UK.

The same British that is remote controlling Buhari has England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of UK – The black people are so brainless that they can’t ask why Wales as part of UK with just a population of 3 Million is allowed some liberty within the UK but the same British tells you how to kill fellow blacks when they say Biafra?

If Scotland and Wales are not even equal to the size of Kaduna and Kano and they can hold referendum for self-determination, choose their MP’s and have their own pounds, why cant Biafrans be allowed to do the same and let the argument be how to share the oil that the North is brainwashed with?

Please ask any northerners why he/or she is vehemently against Biafra? You may hear oil but remind them that the oil can be shared. Unfortunately Lugard had said blacks lack self-control and you see that they condemn Biafra out of British brainwashing and incitement than any tangible or reasonable fact.

For the records, the British hoodwinked them with not allowing the South any liberty because they will develop faster and dominate them. Note the word “Dominate”. The word dominate is similar in use by the British to subjugate blacks using the Northerners as corruption is.They use the word “dominate” to incite Northerners and use “Corruption” to cover their evils. 

The same British told and keep telling the so called Minorities in the South that the Ibos want to dominate them. The same British does not talk about the Hausa/Fulani dominating minorities in the North. 

You can see while the British told Gowon to justify the first sign of the divide and rule thus “The minorities have been asking for their own state” they forgot that the minorities could not have asked for their own state in a regional system when they could have asked for their own region. Gowon a British lackey obeyed and created his first states.

Fast-forward today, the same minorities have asked for resource control and no own is listening them but they want blacks in their intellectual laziness to accept that minorities were asking for their own state. The same minorities had asked for self-determination for which the British and their lackeys arranged the death of the likes of Ken Saro-Wiwa and hundreds of Ogonis. Who still believes the British imbecilic lies?

Please, no one should get me wrong but let those who can speak to the British ask them what they have against Biafra and their argument should expose the British treachery of using Northerners to subjugate black people. If Scotland, Wales and England can exist in UK why is Nigeria and their British God not interested in that model? Is it not because blacks are considered brainless by the British? 

Listening to this video and the argument should tell you that black lives do not matter and blacks must rise up and learn from the past. The stupidity is turning to madness.

The British talked the North out of Araba – Who do you think they are working for?

The British talked Gowon out of the Aburi accord that would have prevented the war – Who do you think they are working for?

The British talked the North out of oil sharing and resource sharing during the war – who do you think they are working for?

Almost all the coups in Nigeria(except Orkar coup) are masterminded or carried out with British input.

The same British ordered Buhari to arrest Nnamdi Kanu.

The British ordered Buhari to sack people without proper investigation in NNPC.

The same British blackmailed Diezani with their 13 Billion Pounds lies(Think about it a deposit of 10k pounds in British pounds attacks questioning from the Bank but the British now want to tell us Diezani had 13 Billion, they kept quiet about it until she wanted to buy a house – you see how imbecilic British lies are like that of their lackeys too?)

The British masterminded the media blackout on the Biafra protests.

The same British you remember wanted Mbeki to help them invade Zimbabwe because they thought Mbeki would be a lackey like Buhari, Obasanjo or Gowon?

Please if you are educated and Informed Nigeria, do a little research about Nigeria, the number of people the British killed to establish Nigeria and the lies. It is these lies that has made the nation unworkable. Put in every effort you can to educate the North and emancipate them from mental slavery – If Buhari went to war incited by the British in the 60’s and in 2015 has not learnt anything from the mistake and that the British are only using them – we don’t need to look further for evidence of mental slavery.

We must say "no" to the British and their lackeys like Buhari, Obasanjo and so on. “Only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children.”

Show us one good thing the British has done for the North? Have you a President that a section of his people will be aggrieved over something no matter how little and he cannot address or speak about it until the British tell him what to say?Why cant blacks and Nigerians learn from USSR and Czechoslavakia splits? Learn from the Scotland referendum in UK instead of citing the Sudan wars which suggests blacks cannot do any such thing without war. We need to wisen up.

- MyNews24

Disclaimer: All articles and letters published on MyNews24 have been independently written by members of News24's community. The views of users published on News24 are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent the views of News24. News24 editors also reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments received.

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