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The origin of terrorism in black Africa

03 February 2016, 12:20

In today’s world, not many know that the British was the first and biggest state sponsor of terrorism. Many in the world today blame Islam for terrorism and also note that the British pretends to support Islam on the surface. 

Let us quickly examine history of British state sponsorship of terrorism and how they use propaganda to cover up.

The transatlantic slave trade and colonization were visible evidence of Britain as a state sponsor of terrorism and it was infact the beginning of terrorism.If we put this in perspective, we recall that the British invaded the then Bight of Biafra for slaves. Many blacks today think that the slave trade was done peacefully but this is a big lie. Have you imagined the type of violence required to take a man from his home and sell him?. Did we have cars or trucks used to move them to the slave ports in the Bight of Biafra which were in (old Kalabar and Bonny)?. The British struck the black countries with terror, provided weapons to the local chiefs and kings that supported slave trade. They now incited the local chiefs who support the slave trade to use the weapons they provided to kill the chiefs opposed to slave trade - This was the beginning of opposition being enmity amongst black people. All the major European powers were part of the slave trade but the British was the biggest slave trader.http://goo.gl/QKqroa

Denmark ended slavery in 1803 before the British in 1807 but because of the British penchant for lies and fraud, the world today claims that Britain ended slavery. In case you are one of the mental slaves who believe that the British just woke up and ended slavery, please think again.

There were numerous slavery uprisings, numerous cases of slaves killing their masters and we remember the Ibo landing incident too.You can read up slavery resistance at http://goo.gl/i1KL3Q andhttp://goo.gl/BRwzhd and http://goo.gl/BOMRUu Please note that I prefer not to refer to the resistance to slavery as rebellion because it is part of the British intellectual terrorism. It is upon the slavery resistance tagged rebellion that the same British today refers to Biafra freedom fighters as rebels or secessionist but refer to the Scottish Independence movement as nationalists.
The British are a people lie savvy and very good at telling the story to favour them. In anything the British is doing with blacks, it is either the British is lying or the truth favours them. When the British actually refers to Biafrans as rebels and you join them, you are actually aligning yourself with slavery because that is what the British created Nigeria for and as.

If there was heavy resistance to slave trade, have you then wondered why some mental slaves including many blacks support the idea that the British stopped the slave trade? Remember even Denmark that stopped it before them, some of us never heard of Denmark until we became adults.

The British were masters at pitching people against themselves and that was why after they descended on blacks with terror, they were able to divide them amongst themselves. This is the same technique and tactics deployed by the British today. By way of records, if we refer to the Missionary History of Sierra Leone by Henry Seddall published 1874, this was a statement by one of the British allies “On the 26th of August, King Obi, the chief of the Ibo country, sent one of his sons on board the “Wilberforce” to welcome the strangers. He was a ?ne-looking young man of twenty. Both he and his attendants were present at prayers. On being told that one object which the expedition had in view was to make known the contents of the Bible —a copy of which was shown to him—he listened with evident incredulity: and when told that the slave trade was a very bad thing, and that white ‘ men wished to put an end to it, he replied that if white people gave up buying, black people would give up selling slaves. He also said that he had always believed that God intended that black people should be slaves to the whites”(Seddall, 1874) They just brought the Bible but the recipient already knew God - what does this tell you?

It is along the same lies and fraud that the British established their colonies. It is important to note that they used terror to invade and conquer the territories. They used lies to justify the wars. We all saw the same game played with Iraq and when Terrorist Tony Blair sided with Bush to invade Iraq- how peaceful has iraq been since then? In the case of the black people, the melting pot of slavery was the “Bight of Biafra”. See number of slaves per slave port at http://goo.gl/BX8Fld.

It is important to understand that the British lies in everything and that is why you see the Hausa/Fulani who we know as the british allies in the black enslavement and subjugation project telling all sorts of lies. During the slave trade, slaves from the North were happy slaves, they accepted slavery like the King Obi’s son above said “they also believed that blacks were created by God to be slaves to whites”. The most common lies of the British can be seen as below

We can't rule ourselves - this was used to justify the conquest- Before the whiteman came with his rice, were we eating pebbles?

Ending human sacrifices - This was used to justify the wars, terror and violence meted out to the Bight of Biafra on the guise of stopping human sacrifices - If they were indeed stopping human sacrifices - do they need to wage war?Shouldn't it have been outlaw it and arrest anyone that does it? Compare this with Buhari corruption fight today, allege that so, so and so money was given to someone, arrest the person without telling us what the money was used for. 

They were killing twins and their mother - Records do not suggest this was true. They told this lie to justify the conquest. In the Journal of Secret Societies in West Africa (1899) - it said twins must not be molested, and slaves killed - if indeed they were killing Twins and their mother, would it say Slaves killed and twins molested? At least molest does not mean kill anyway. See page 23 in this bookhttps://goo.gl/LQGjeQ.

G. Phillip-Up the Niger. When and where did Mary Slessor come to Asaba or other Igbo towns to stop the killing of twins? The British are liars. Mary Slessor arrived in 1876 but the journal of 1899 said twins were thrown away. They claim she saved hundreds of twins and this is not too far - I have never seen any calabar person that they said was one of the hundreds of twins saved - Are we stupid here? Another book Page 512 Twenty-nine Years in the West Indies and Central Africa: A Review of … By Hope Masterton Waddell recorded that twins were thrown away and their mother banished - from killing them and their mother to banishing and throwing away and yet a black man that claims to be a Professor has not in 100 years researched this? On page 485 a Man was quoted as saying that if his wife bore him twins no man could make him put her away and that the man denied vehemently when asked by the captain to have said this - what does this tell you? A man that said this would have been proud and happy to repeat it to a white man who claims to be against the practice - why did he deny and vehemently too?

If this was an accepted tradition as being peddled by the British, why was he quoted as saying it at all? The denial you can see is similar to what you see in some people of the old Eastern region following the terror they called war. Just watch this, if you have an Ikwerre or typical Rivers man around you - watch when he tells you he is Igbo, he turns round unconsciously to see if anyone was watching him. The British used terror to strike in us to believe every lie they vomit. The Huasa/Fulani remain the custodians of British lies. 

Here again Mary Slessor arrived 1876, here is a journal in 1867 On the Social and Domestic Traits of the African Tribes; with a Glance at Their Superstitions, Cannibalism, etc., etc.Page 337 - It recorded that in some localities, a case of twins renders one of them liable to death and an Ox which why lying in the pen, beats the ground with his tail, is salughtered because he is supposed to be calling on death to the tribe - Thos. J. Hutchinson. (1861) Notice we were told the twins and their mother were all killed, then it was the twins and the mother banished and now it is only one of them - The British are liars!!! Yet Mary slessor came in 1876 but this journal was written in 1861 - who is lying here?

They claimed we were a pagan and illiterate race when they arrived but the historical existence of Nsibidi shows that the Eboes, Igbos or Egbos (Efik, Ibibio, Iso, Jakiri, Isobo))had a form of writing and counting.There was the calendar with four market days. If we knew how the days were counted, had nsibidi like hieroglyphics - Is the British not lying here?http://goo.gl/oXbtYr (Eboes here mean the entire South Except Benin Kingdom and Yorubas).

They claimed that Lugard wife or Girlfriend or glorified prostitute named Flora Shaw coined the name Nigeria from River Niger following the amalgamation in 1914. This has also been confirmed to be a BIG LIE. The name Nigeria was there before 1914, by simple common sense, here is a book published in 1902 - it is titled British-Nigeria, if it was coined by Terrorist Lugard and his wife in 1914, how come a book published in 1902 already bore the name? If the whore, Flora Shaw or whatever she is called coined it in 1902, then he couldn't have coined it for Nigeria unless for the Northern protectorate where she and her boyfriend were working. Here is the book. https://goo.gl/7pYxjX.

The British told the Hausa/Fulani that Biafra was only born in 1967, this is a lie too and here is a map of Africa in 1840, here is a book from a priest in the presbytery of Biafra in 1867 - http://goo.gl/qjJTx5 and in 1858 http://goo.gl/BVG3CS andhttps://goo.gl/Bi3zVz As clear as it is that the British are playing on our intelligence, the old brigade of british lackeys like Buhari, Obasanjo and Gowon are still romancing the British and their lies. They are not ashamed that Cameron, who was a baby when old men like them were used in a war that should not have been fought in the first place was smart to hold a referendum for 6 million people in Scotland to be independent while Buhari is using tax payers money to go to new York and ask for Palestinian self determination while arresting Biafra self determination activists - shame to the blackman, I would say. 

The British claimed that cow or cattle could not grow in the South because of tsetse fly - this has been confirmed to be a lie. From this journal of 1861 having British concocted lies of what an ox beating the ground with its tail meant, is enough proof that they are liars.

The British claim and try to sustain the lie of who and who is part of Biafra by using their british Broadcasting Corruption(BBC) in Hausa. If you notice they will always call it a secessionist state, but the same British had an ambassador to the Bight of Biafra named John Beecroft that they will never mention. The unfortunate part of the British lies is that they use it to incite the Hausa/Fulani to unnecessary bloodshed while the British milks us dry. Unknown to many of you - the world powers have a secret agreement to respect each other's “former” colonies. This is why China cannot come and build a complete manufacturing hub in Nigeria because they need British approval to do so. If you doubt it, research and don't just sit there lazy about and say it's a lie. 

Here was a book by Baikee and you can see John Beecroft there.https://goo.gl/D9SWTN
Buhari can test this theory by asking the Chinese to come to the North build any manufacturing hub they like and see what the British will do to him or if the Chinese will agree. First, the BBC will start criticizing Buhari and then they sponsor one animal to sabotage him.

9. The british told us no one had an organized religion when they came - this is a pure lie. Go through this book and you see where the same person claiming we were pagans was saying we worshipped God, believed in hell fire and all that -https://goo.gl/D9SWTN
In this journal, blacks or negroes were described as savages - this is a journal ooooh, not someone’s book and it is published. See the title - Efforts of Missionaries among Savages

10. They told us that the Fulani was so organized and that was why they were supposed to rule the indigenous tribes.This has not only been confirmed a lie but also experienced as a big lie. Look at Frederick Lugard’s book and he said on page 198 - that the Fulani are more capable to rule the indigenous groups because they are closer to them(because they are all animals).If you go to page 69/70 - Frederick Lugard described blacks as animals and when he said the Fulani are closer to them - what does that tell you? The caveat still was that the british should provide oversight functions to avoid tyranny and corruption which is what you see today when Buhari at 74 is running back and forth to be guided by Cameron, Blair and Gordon Brown - what a shame for the black race. Here is the book for easy reference - https://goo.gl/Cev5xg

11. The British said Eboes were cannibals who ate themselves and performed human sacrifices and this is obviously another lie. Here is a conversation from one of the crap they write as history - “The Eboes come from the south, in the vicinity of the delta of the Niger, are tole rably good-looking, are perhaps the most savage of all the African tribes, are addicted to human sacri?ces, and are cannibals, whose teeth are ?led to sharp points in order to enable them to deal satisfactorily with a tough human subject. However, as I gather from a conversation which took place between an artillery officer and a servant of mine, a native -of this race, they do not eat one another, but devour only their enemies. This dialogue ran as follows :—

Oyibo: “ Do you nyam (eat) one another?”
Eboe: “Oh no, massa,” replied the man in a tone denoting horror at such an implication. Oyibo: “Well, but you eat men?” responded the interrogator.“Oh yes, massa," returned the Eboe.
Oyibo: “Come, would you nyam me?” asked the other. 
Eboe: “No tank ye, massal” exclaimed the face tious savage, regarding his questioner, who was somewhat emaciated, just as we should examine a fowl suspected of antiquity. 
Oyibo: “ Would you nyam your massa ?"
Eboe: “No, me not nyam massa,” was the answer. 
Oyibo: “ Well, then, suppose somebody kill your massa, and you catch that person and kill him, would you nyam him?” “ 
Eboe: Of course,” was the reply.
You see clearly from this discussion, that the British prey heavily on the ignorance of our people- why will someone who would not eat you, eat only his enemies? Does it mean for example one person can actually eat one whole human being? Read this from European Settlements on the West Coast of Africa https://goo.gl/GwXovp
Do you see why Malcolm X said "Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children"?

The British lies are unending but don't get me wrong, the reason the British is able to get away with these lies is chiefly the ignorance and violence of the Hausa/Fulani and our inability to research and reason. We choose to stick with ancient dogmas and raison d’etre coined by the British and sustained by the ignorance of the Hausa/Fulani. Don't get me wrong, if the North packs all the resources oil, coal, slaves, immigrant labour, care workers, bus drivers and use them to develop the north, at least we will all celebrate as black people, instead they pack the whole thing hand them over to the british and other oyibos and keep both themselves and the rest of us poor and wretched - how long will this continue?

If you have ever wondered why and how slavery succeeded, it is exactly the same way today. They equipped their allies with weapons, and incited them to kill the opponents. Likewise at the last attempt to restore Biafra, they equipped the Nigerian house slaves with weapons and incited them to war. If you think they love the North or had genuine good intentions - Show us one good thing they have done for the North? Just one and I will show you a thousand ways they are exploiting the North and all of us. In 1837, the Lander brothers, for whose death the British is ready to wipe the Eboes out till today said “He could speak tolerable English ; so I told him, if he ran us aground, the instant the vessel touched I would blow his brains out. The fellow laughed, and opening his country cloth, showed me the butt-end of two pistols ; a gentle hint that two could play at that game.---1831-1834- So Eboes had pistols then right? The British has been terrorizing Biafra since the 17th century or whenever they got there - this book in 1837 showed clear evidence of British terrorism in the then Bight of Biafra - https://goo.gl/lrH2Kf 

One interesting part of the british and oyibo fraud is that the Ibos were specifically selected as house slaves during slavery but under colonization and neo-colonization, they are now selected as field slaves. Example from the On the Negro's Place in Nature by James Hunt in 1867, he said “We must bear in mind, however, that there are only some of the African tribes of Negroes who are docile and intelligent enough for domestic purposes : the Eboes are generally selected for this purpose” - Hunt, 1867. Suddenly the Igbos are now reversed to become field slaves in colonialism and neo-colonialism while the Hausa/Fulani are now made the house slaves - why do you think they did that?

Compare these British lies with the Buhari charade about corruption or what he thinks it is. He claimed Metuh got 400 Million, we agree but the question should be what was the 400 million meant for? He claimed or alleged the former President gave a note saying give so so and so 40 Billion, we agree but tell us what they said the money was meant for and how it was spent, he can't. He thinks we should all fall for the crap. Here was a video about Buhari and corruption in the 80’s, hear the same oyibo that are engineering him today saying “.....fighting what they think is corruption” note :fighting what they think is corruption.

If you are celebrating that there is any fight against corruption, it's a lie you are celebrating that someone else went to jail - this was exactly how the oyibos enslaved us - then others celebrated that it was one community until it reached them and for four hundred solid years - blacks were enslaved in millions but it started only one day.https://youtu.be/FVvVG_hm4XI Today, we say oh nooh its shiites, others say its Northerners, others say its Muslims, others like El Rufai say, they are terrorists, some say Biafrans, others say kill Biafrans - But in each case The British and other oyibos smile to the bank while we kill ourselves with the weapons they made- Remember the weapons factories have workers, they earn salary and our people still do the domestic chores.if any Northerner or Nigerian tells you how they won a war, ask him how many weapons used in the war were manufactured in the North or even black Africa. 

If anyone thinks the British and Oyibo mean well - ask them to point at one good thing they have done for us or the north they use to subjugate and kill fellow blacks.

There is no war in Europe and America, but their weapons industry is booming and the stocks are arising - where are those guns and bullets being used?

H. P. Fitzgerald Marriott. (1899). The Secret Societies of West Africa. The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 29(1/2), 21–27.http://doi.org/10.2307/2842572

Macgregor, J. K.. (1909). Some Notes on Nsibidi.. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 39, 209–219.http://doi.org/10.2307/2843292
Thos. J. Hutchinson. (1861). On the Social and Domestic Traits of the African Tribes; with a Glance at Their Superstitions, Cannibalism, etc., etc.. Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London, 1, 327–340. http://doi.org/10.2307/3014204

Reade, W. W.. (1865). Efforts of Missionaries among Savages. Journal of the Anthropological Society of London, 3, clxiii–clxxxiii. http://doi.org/10.2307/3025323

On the Negro's Place in Nature - James 1863

- MyNews24

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