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Why do black people hate themselves?

30 November 2015, 12:52

This article should actually be Who is really an Igbo (2)

In  a previous article, I highlighted the fact that the British had identified everyone in the then Bight of Biafra as Igbo, Ibo or Eboe. This is clearly shown by newly digitalized documents and facts as well as scientific journals.

Before, you continue, I must not fail to remind you that the problem of black people as highlighted by Frederick Lugard thus “His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment, and he suffers little from the apprehension for the future or grief for the past. His mind is far nearer to the animal world than the that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animals placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the State he has reached” - Lugard, 1922 may be only applicable to the Northern protectorate.

We may have been brainwashed to start believing Lugard that blacks do not remember the past or worry about the future because Lugard was the administrator in the North from 1901 - 1906, left for Hong-Kong and returned circa 1912 to be administrator of both North and South and subsequently formed Nigeria in 1914.This was immediately after the British were defeated in the Anioma area using the Ekumeku warriors.

This means that Lugard had little or no interaction with the South and my simple reason to debunk his view here is that an average child from Southern Nigeria if taken to a Hospital and he or she gets injected, if you took him near that hospital anytime in the future, he or she starts crying. This to me means that the idea that we are as described by Lugard applies only to the Northerners who he encountered well enough to issue such an opinion.

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Let us quickly examine why all the hype, demonization and trouble around Ibo, Igbo or Eboe as the case may be exists today. It is important that we all ask if the Ibo, Eboe, Igbo badname and Igbo phobia was only because of the war or predates the war. I think it will be rather myopic to think that the Igbo problem started because of the war, you can agree with me that the demonization is way over and there is no where in the world that someone is labelled evil simply for seeking to separate himself from an abusive union.We saw Germany and West Germany, we saw the US wars and they display their flags and no one fights over it.

For the avoidance of doubts, the British in “reverse troubleshooting” by always trying to create trouble where there was none and finding one flimsy excuse to solve that problem. For the records, the British created their traditional problem in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and they solved it early be separating into independent countries - No one demonized the other for it.

The British did the same thing in Malaysia and Singapore and Singapore was expelled by Malaysia soon after the British left.

Let us then see why the Igbos were demonized, killed, murdered and till date, the oyibos carefully use their lackeys of Hausa/Fulani and Obasanjo and Gowon to evade justice or even talking about it. We must remember also that during the war that Adekunle Benjamin AKA black scorpion said this “We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Ibo territory, we shoot at everything even at things that do not move…”

Ordinarily the above statement should have attracted war crimes or criminal indictment on Adekunle but the oyibos keep quiet not just because it is expected that black people easily murder themselves but because of the Igbo question. Afterall is Charles Taylor not black?

The reason the oyibos and the UK and US all keep quiet to Igbo pogroms is because they consider Igbos as troublesome. By Igbos here we mean all people from the old eastern region including old Benin Kingdom i.e we are talking of what is now Igbos, Ibibio, Itsekiri, Ijaw,Urhobo, Igbanke, Efik, Anan, Benin and all other people that form that region.Infact Yoruba although unique is also under British watch because of Kosoko.The Hausa/Fulani were the only group that enjoyed slavery and accept British colonization without complain and the British saw it and are using it (Please read Lugards book pages 65 -75)

The slaves from the Bight of Biafra and Old Calabar were considered suicidal, always revolted and were dreaded as many “Ibo” slaves killed the slave masters then. The oyibos on their own demonized what you know today as South-South and South-East long before the Biafran war but tagged them as Igbos.

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Below are your facts to prove this

  1. Two Centuries in two weeks by Tani Stoval Xlibris Corporation, 2009 - It was recorded thus “All planters were familiar with the case of mass suicide by a group of recently imported Igbo slaves that chose death over slavery on St Simon Island off the coast of Georgia in 1803.

You can read this book further to understand the problem the oyibos have with Igbos.

    2.   The Making of Haiti: The Saint Domingue Revolution from Below -Carolyn E. Fick Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1990 - It was recorded thus “ It was well known for example, that Ibo slaves were more inclined to suicide, even collectively, as a response to slavery than slaves of other nations. Of the Ibos, Moreau de Saint-Mery wrote that they had to be closely watched, as “feelings of chagrin or the slightest dis-satisfaction pushes them to suicide.

3.  African American Life in the Georgia Lowcountry: The Atlantic World and the Gullah Geechee - Philip Morgan 2011 and it was recorded thus “It involved group of Ibo(also known as Igbo) slaves brought illegally into Georgia;transported in an overcrowded coasting-Schooner, they rebelled. Some of them, it was claimed, drowned themselves in the expectation they would return to Africa.

4. The friend of Africa - J.W Parker 1st January 1841 - "Aug. 23, 1841. — Simon Jonas and my self had some conversation with an Ibo man, from which we gathered, that there was not much traffic in slaves carried on at present, and that the people were chiefly engaged in preparing palm oil. He was told by the interpreter, that he himself had been made a slave, but had been liberated and kindly treated by the English. The Ibo man could hardly credit it. He had hitherto believed that slaves were purchased by the white people to be killed and eaten, and that their blood was used to make red cloth. This notion is very prevalent among them.

Notice that it was their idea of Ibo that they brainwashed us with?? Everybody started seeing Ibo as evil and the war only helped them to embed the divide they needed in that region.

5. Murder at Montpelier: Igbo Africans in Virginia. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2005 -Thus, the book is primarily about the dominant role of enslaved Igbo in the formation of early Afro-Virginia slave culture and society. It went further to say As a foundation for his thesis, Chambers attempts to trace the history of the enslaved Africans from their points of embarkation in the Bight of Biafra and, more specifically, Calabar to their disembarkation in Virginia

6. Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind:James Cowles Prichard January 1, 1826

The nations of this part of Africa are almost entirely unknown even by name. From Calabar and other places in the gulf, or bight of Benin, many slaves were formerly carried to the colonies. All the Negroes from these regions are called in the West Indies, Eboes, except a particular class distinguished by the name of Mocos. Whatever a slave did would be referred to as Igbo, Ebo or Ibo slave.

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7. Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind: Ethnography of the African races. 3d ed. 1837-James Cowles Prichard  - Its said “Some additional particulars have been collected by Mr. Oldfield respecting the Ibo, or Eboes, and the neighbouring tribes of Negroes in the countries bordering on the Lower Niger. He says that the Eboes have the Negro features in the greatest degree, and the Ibbodo next. The skin of the Eboes is of a light copper-colour.”

Do we not believe today that Igbos are slightly fairer in complexion? Do the Yorubas not call every Southerner that is not Yoruba “Omo Ibo” in Yoruba land? Do the Northerners not call every Southerner that is not Yoruba “Yamiri” WHERE DID THESE STEREOTYPES COME FROM?

Let us now look at why the Igbos are viewed as evil and demonized by the British and other oyibos.

The stories of oyibos and their records of Igbo rejecting slavery and colonization is well documented.


1791 In French Louisiana, on July 8, 1791, Claude Trenonay was assassinated by his Igbo slave, Latulipe. Valentin Leblanc, commandante of the Pointe Coupee post, was officially informed that the Mina slaves were about to rise up and kill their masters. George Olivo sent word to Leblanc that the slaves of Mina and Bambara nations planned to rise up against all whites of the district and that both nations planned to meet at New Roads in False River on July 6 to discuss plans to attack the French. The uprising did not take place, however, because of bad weather and because the slaves from outside False River could not meet. [Ulysses S. Ricard, Jr., “The Pointe Coupee Slave Conspiracy of 1791,” in Proceedings of the International Congress of the French Colonial Historical Society.]

These are stories they used to demonize Ibo people and thats why they are always on the side of the Hausa/Fulani to use them as lackeys.

2. The Traingular trade - Key highlight - The guns were used to help expand empires and obtain more slaves (until they were finally used against European colonizers)

The North today is used as a proxy by the Europeans and Americans to do slavery. While many think that the North is enjoying, oyibos saw them as willing slaves during the slavery era and that's why they use them today.http://goo.gl/y5us5u

3. http://goo.gl/by0dZU The slaves who fought against slavery were predominantly Igbos. Biafra territories existed during the slavery era and the Bight of Biafra too. Anyone telling you Biafra is outside Nigeria, ask him why Bight of Biafra is in Nigeria then? When the Biafra Republic of 1967 came, it provided an opportunity for the oyibos to deal with the Igbos, Ibos, or Eboes. This is why you notice that they are not saying anything about that war. Please don't get me wrong, they incited and used the Northerners and other lackeys like Obasanjo and Adekunle so it becomes difficult to report them for war crime knowing that all they will say it who sent them.It is even difficult to discuss it because it would mean Gowon telling us how they incited him.http://goo.gl/t6kn37

4. Even after slavery, the “igbos” and by Igbo here we mean the people of the old Eastern region up to Benin did not still accept colonization.http://goo.gl/hM7PqV

You will see something like “John Christopher Taylor was a contemporary of Samuel Ajayi Crowther. He was born around the year 1815 in Sierra Leone of Igbo parents (an Isuama father and an Arochukwu mother), who had earlier been sold into slavery from the Igbo country of present Nigeria, but were later rescued and settled with other freed slaves in Sierra Leone

5. The oyibos recorded that the Lander Brothers were killed by the king of the Ibos. If you read a transcript of the trip of the Lander Brothers you will see something like “. The brothers had kept extensive journals and notes throughout the journey but in early November 1830, at Kiri (Asaba today, opposite Onitsha) on the lower Niger, the greater part of their records was lost when their canoes were attacked and overpowered by pirates”  This was by 1830 and by circa 1906, the same Asaba Area beat the British in battle - You can read about the ekumeku movement at http://www.liquisearch.com/ekumeku_movement/aftermath

You can read about the Lander brothers at http://goo.gl/IkLXSo


Fast Forward Nigeria civil war, the British used the Hausa/Fulani having identified them as Lackeys to avenge the experience of the like of the Lander Brothers and the Ekumeku battle losses. You can read some Information about the Asaba massacre and the Hausa/Fulani response at http://goo.gl/5Ihkx3 You can refresh your mind about the Asaba massacre here https://youtu.be/IEaX9lVVrCM

We need to start writing our own history ourselves and also demand information from the British-they know which families were slave dealers those days, like oil today - we know the oil companies.


You can see that the British had identified the “Igbos” to be people from the old Eastern region up to Benin, they are determined to subjugate them as far as the BLACKS REMAIN IGNORANT OF WHAT THE BRITISH ARE DOING.

In essence, while an Anioma person is saying he or she is not Igbo, an Ijaw person saying the same thing, the British oppressor knows who he knows is Ibo, Eboe or Igbo and who is not. I challenge educated Nigerians to research these further to understand why we are under bondage of the British and other oyibos.For those who still do not understand - Goodluck Jonathan was treated as an “Ibo” by the US and UK.

Let us quickly see how the British use our brains.

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In Nigeria today especially in the North, a man like Obasanjo is a hero, the British is a friend of the North. PLEASE CAN ANYONE POINT AT ONE THING THAT OBASANJO OR THE BRITISH BUILT FOR THE NORTH?

The answer is nothing. Compare this hero status of the British and Obasanjo a British lackey with Goodluck Jonathan?

1. Goodluck Jonathan built a light Railway from Abuja to Kaduna but he is said to hate the North but Obasanjo that built nothing likes the North

2. Goodluck Jonathan refurbished the old railway system from Kano to Lagos and was doing the same to get to Port Harcourt - but Northerners still hated him -why?

3. Goodluck Jonathan built Almajiri schools as a better alternative to the stupid nomadic education that has never worked. The foreign media carefully associated this initiative with terror and what happened? http://goo.gl/yqJ1b1

4. Goodluck revived the Agriculture that was the pride of the North but he is still hated. I challenge you as a person to itemize what Goodluck did for the North and compare them with that of Obasanjo and you understand. Some of them out of pure mental slavery still believed he had a hand in Boko Haram, but yet the Buhari administration has at least proven otherwise. WHY ARE BLACK PEOPLE THIS GULLIBLE?

Obasanjo and Gowon are war heros for taking sides with the same Oyibos who were jailing Martin Luther King Jr, Steven Biko and Nelson Mandela for demanding basic rights for blacks then in US and Apartheid South Africa. Buhari is taking side with them too today to jail Nnamdi Kanu for demanding rights of fellow blacks in Biafra - what does this tell us?


The atrocities of the British in Africa is common knowledge http://goo.gl/BYKoYK

Unfortunately, black Africans allow themselves to forget the enemy and turn the guns on their fellow blacks. The British had fought bitter wars in the old Eastern region in pre-colonial times and have been at war with that region to this day but using the British lackeys like the Northerners and Obasanjo to fight now. The British believe blacks as animals as you can see from Frederick Lugard’s book and if you have lived in the UK, you will understand.We all see it when they make monkey chants on black players but people still believe that Frederick Lugard made Nigeria in good faith that it is worth the blood of many blacks spilled to defend it already.Shamefully, many Nigerians today are still talking of war and at the same time how we are brothers.

Why don't we try within ourselves, sign secret treaties and see the oyibo treachery at the UN? All oyibos will be working on now will be how to incite Buhari and Northerners to violence because blacks are considered animals anyway. if you understand Hausa, quietly compare the reporting of Biafra protests on the BBC Hausa service and other language services of the same BBC and you see the British just enjoy blacks killing themselves.I dont blame them because we refuse to reason as a race.

In today’s Nigeria, the British are simply using the North to fight their war against what they consider as Igbos, Eboes, Ebows or Ibos. It is unfortunate that the Hausa/Fulani allow themselves to be used on such an ignoble journey of black subjugation when they are blacks too.

As many as will doubt this position, I challenge you to ask why has things like resource control, fiscal federalism, true federalism opposed by the North? It is pure madness to think that North will have something to lose when they are down already and if you are one of those that think oil -MAKE A PROPOSAL FOR THE NORTH TO HAVE ALL THE OIL TO THEMSELVES AND LET OTHER REGIONS HAVE SOME LEVEL OF AUTONOMY IN THINGS LIKE TAXATION, CONSTRUCTION AND EDUCATION AND SEE IF BOTH THE NORTH AND THE BRITISH WILL NOT OPPOSE IT?

What the British has done successfully is to brainwash us as black people without brains. This is based on what Lugard said in his book “In brief, the virtues and defects of this race-type are those of attractive children, whose confidence when it is won is given ungrudgingly as to an older and wiser superior and without envy”

Frederick Lugards book can be found at https://goo.gl/pVBLnN and every Nigerian should endeavour to read it.

Today, Nnamdi Kanu is hated, some even want him killed, we saw the DSS man pushing him around but black people cannot ask themselves How can a 49 year old Cameron order a 75 year old Buhari to arrest another black person and he obeys? CAN ANY WHITE MAN ARREST A FELLOW WHITE TO MAKE BUHARI HAPPY?

We saw Tony Blair come to tell Buhari to send fellow blacks into unplanned unemployment and he did exactly that http://goo.gl/fP6ssA

Don’t get me wrong, if black lives mattered, so many evils of the British in the past would have been visited.Imagine if Thabo Mbeki was like Buhari or Gowon here http://goo.gl/czw3GZ

Frederick Lugard said black people lack self control and are near animals and  I think he is correct.http://goo.gl/5YlbFL

If Nigerians and black people are willing to kill Nnamdi Kanu for calling Nigeria a zoo but happy with Frederick Lugard for calling black Africans animals - this should tell us that something is wrong with our thinking - MENTAL SLAVERY!!!

We may choose to agree that we are not intelligent enough but we must be allowed to learn http://goo.gl/GBlkRz

For many, who think Biafra is against Nigeria I want to remind them that it is the ability of oyibo to brainwash and incite us, infact change our perception on anything that is at work because they have not looked at it well. I challenge them to do a little test with their Northern fellow British lackeys to find out what will be oyibos argument against Biafra. The British defence and argument should tell us who they are working for.

Any Nigerian that you see claiming Nigeria is not under Bondage remind him that he can't make changes without British approval.

For the avoidance of doubts - when the British wanted to strike their terror of divide and rule into what was the old Eastern region, they claimed the minorities wanted their own state - today the same minorities had asked for resource control but the British serpent did not allow it? In case you think they are not using our brains, the minority that came under a parliamentary or regional system to ask for a state - why did they not ask for region  instead?

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Assuming you believe the crap, was it Ijaw and Itsekiri that wanted their own state or it was Ikwerre and Ibibio?

Don't get me wrong, it is the numerous lies of British fraud that has made Nigeria unworkable. In case you do not know, there are minorities in the North but they need the “divide” in the South to enable them use the North.

The same British to justify the continued bombardment of the Biafra territory during the war claimed that the Ibos planned to kill all the minorities if they win the war(How did they hear this? This is simply because oyibo already had fear of Ibo slaves and they transferred that to blacks)

We must start using our brains, we must start asking questions even children normally will ask. The British and oyibo interest in black subjugation is way beyond oil. I repeat it here again, if the British had any iota of “like” for the North, they could have built what they have in Zimbabwe in the North to eliminate poverty.In case you are still blind to British intelectual terrorism on the black people - remember that during the Goodluck administration they stopped by the same oil some of us think is their interest? Why?

Unfortunately, Buhari does not realize that if they stopped buying oil under GEJ to sabotage him, he must obey them or they would do same to him.

Black people must therefore ask how the Republic of Biafra of 1967 survived without imports and exports under heavy British bombardment including farmlands and an air land and sea blockade.

I am still waiting for anyone who can provide us with one simple thing good that the British has ever done for the North.The Northerners must wake and like any human being appraise their relationship with the British. This type of friend that you have that keeps telling you how you will starve without the south but not doing anything to help you while at the same time holding referendum for Scotland should open your eyes. The fact that Scotland wants to secede from the union should tell Northerners that the British are “ENEMIES WITHIN”

- MyNews24

Disclaimer: All articles and letters published on MyNews24 have been independently written by members of News24's community. The views of users published on News24 are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent the views of News24. News24 editors also reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments received.

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